A Lawn Care Service/Landscape Writer’s Attempt at Transparency Part 3

3 Ingredients to My Secret Sauce

This is the final installment of the three part series where I make an attempt at being transparent. I actually wanted to have this blog written a few weeks ago, but I’ve been busy with client work. Yay!

In this part, I’m going to talk about the three ingredients to my secret sauce. In other words, why should a lawn care, landscape, garden center, or hardscape company hire me to write their web content and blogs?

Well, here are my answers—and it’s not just the great customer service or my prices either that make me stand out compared to my very capable and talented competitors:

  1. I’m a content specialist. I specifically target lawn care, landscape, garden, and outdoor living industries as my niches. Why? Because it’s an area I know much better than any other niche, save farming. For the past 10 years, I’ve written for many of Moose River Media’s (mooserivermedia.com) trade magazines. I started writing for Farming: Journal of Northeast Ag and for Growing. Then, I started writing about golf courses for Superintendent and lawn care company profiles for TURF.
    In the beginning, I was a lousy writer. But my first editor there, Bob Montgomery, had immense grace and patience by allowing me to grow as a business writer.
  2. I’m intense about helping small to medium-size businesses grow. I grew up in a small business and come from a long lineage of Mom and Pop small business owners. So, I was instilled with an innate knowledge about how to run a business including good marketing and people skills.
  3. Finally, I’m passionate about writing. I admit it, I’m a word nerd. I constantly read up on how to write better web content so I can apply those new skills to you, my client.

In the end, I pair my two loves, add my established lawn care, landscape, and garden knowledge, and voila, I’m a content writer for you in the lawn care, landscape, and outdoor living business world.

What do you think? Do you see a growing need within the green business industry for more content writers and producers? Share your thoughts in the comment section below or email me at wendy@landscapewriter.com.

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