Do you want a landscaping content expert who knows about the green industry? Do you want a business blog writer who will craft client-centered web copy to boost your landscaping company?

Then, look no further than The Landscape Writer.

Boost Your Local Landscaping Business: Customized Web Content, Blogs, and Social Media Solutions

Do you want to boost your local landscaping business with web content, blogs, and social media?

Then, you want to hire a professional business blogger who has been in business for over 10 years. At The Landscape Writer, I write blogs and other content to help you get seen and noticed at the local level.

While you have many choices among business blog writers, don’t take the easy way out. Cheaper isn’t always better.

Instead, invest part of your marketing dollars in customized blogs and social media posts that will convince homeowners and property managers to hire you for their lawn and landscaping needs.

Solving Pain Points with Custom Content for Landscaping and Lawn Care

You’re busy creating beautiful landscapes, hardscapes, and healthy lawns. You don’t have time to write blog content with the necessary SEO to attract the right people to your website.

Let me do what I’m good at—crafting blogs, landing pages, web content, and using SEO that solves your pain points.

In 2023, I celebrated 10 years in business as The Landscape Writer. I have wonderful customers who find my content marketing and business blogging skills helpful for their green industry business.

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One of my customers said this about my business blogging,

“Wendy Komancheck, The Landscape Writer, became an asset to my marketing management consulting firm last year and has delivered with excellence since we started working together.

“I assign and work with her to develop SEO-optimized blogs for my landscaping industry clients. It’s been an absolute win all around bringing her on; the process is smooth and consistent, my clients are happier, the articles are getting a broader range of marketing use, the local Chamber of Commerce started posting our articles monthly in their magazine, and retention rates have improved on e-newsletters.

“She does a good job utilizing the provided keywords to collaborate with all other brand SEO and marketing efforts on my end. By bringing Wendy on, we gained a higher quality product, more range of use for that product, local recognition, and happier clients.”

I also have experience writing social media posts that use snippets of your blog content and rework them into bite-size posts to excite your readers and encourage them to click the link back to your blog.

Crafting Localized Business Blogs for Landscaping Success

What do you know about your customers? What are their daily lives like?

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You need to know who your customers are and produce content that speaks to them. For example, you may have a demographic of people in their 30s or 40s, two-career families with kids involved in sports and other activities.

Not only are these parents busy with their jobs, but they’re also busy running their kids to games, practices, tournaments, and other events that may take up an entire weekend.

This couple may or may not live in an HOA. But they want a healthy, green lawn and attractive landscape. How can your landscaping services help them?

You want to incorporate local SEO into your blogs, web pages, landing pages, and emails. How do people find your lawn and landscaping company? What local keywords do they stick in the search engine?

While you need to use a keyword finder, here are some popular keywords people use to find a local landscaper:

  • Best landscaping in York, PA
  • Hardscaping York PA
  • Landscaping near me
  • Landscape companies
  • Landscape design companies near me
  • Landscapers Dover PA
  • Leaf removal near me
  • Lawn care and landscaping
  • Nursery and landscaping near me
  • Patio and landscaping companies near me
  • Stone landscaping near me
  • Small job landscaping near me
  • Residential landscaping near me
  • Residential landscaping in York, PA

One of my customers shared about how local SEO helps her get found in her area,

“The Landscape Writer has helped our existing and new clients better understand the importance of caring for their landscaping on a regular basis. Her writing is professional and easy to understand. The Landscape Writer has helped our company expand into local service areas by using SEO town names.”

Empowering Landscaping Businesses with Targeted Digital Content

Solid business blogging and other content are no longer commodities for a business; they are necessary to stand out from competitors.

You need local SEO to get found by sales prospects. And you need a passion to help your clients with their lawn and landscaping issues.

Elevate Your Business with The Landscape Writer

Do you want more people to find you in 2024? Then, you need to improve your blogging and social media games. A blog with local SEO and content tailored to your customers’ needs can increase your website visits.

Get your free consultation with me, The Landscape Writer. You can also text me at 717-381-6719 or email me at

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How to Get Inside Your Customers’ Heads to Meet Their Needs

A few months ago, I met a marketing consultant who belongs to the same networking group that I do. He took a look at my tagline and essentially said—“The tagline should not be about you, but about your client. What you have here is how you see your business, not how the client sees it.”

Light bulb moment!

Then, this gentleman asked me a series of questions to get me thinking from my clients’ perspective. First, who are my ideal clients?

They’re you: Business owners in the landscape design/build, lawn care, and outdoor living businesses. In other words, this seasoned marketer asked the kind of questions that put me in your shoes.

I took that business person’s questions and used them to brainstorm a new tagline: Growing Your Business, One Word at a Time.

Through my tagline, I’m trying to communicate that I’ll help you bring in more business and elevate you to expert status in your region through the use of my words.

In today’s business world, it’s imperative to have a website. Yet, not only do you need a website, but you also need to regularly add fresh content in the forms of blogs, case studies, white papers, etc. to keep Google happy.

So, it stands to reason that you may need a writer to consistently communicate your message to homeowners, retail managers, and other prospects about the value that you bring to them through professional lawn care and landscape design/build, as well as outdoor living products like BBQ’s, outdoor kitchens, and fire pits.

How about you?

Do you step in your ideal customer’s shoes and find out what motivates him to invest in your services or buy your products? And if you did walk around in your client’s shoes, did it help you better nail down your marketing message?

Here are some questions to get you started on your tagline:

  1. Who is your ideal client? How do you solve those problems?
  2. What are his or her landscape or lawn care problems?
  3. If you’re an outdoor living manufacturer or in sales, how do you meet your clients’ dreams for an outdoor pizza oven, fireplace, or patio furniture?
  4. Finally, how are you going to let your ideal clients know about the problems you solve or the dreams you design?
  5. Do you know what keyphrases people are putting in Google, Bing, or Yahoo to find you?

Think about these questions—have a brainstorm session with your sales force or your web designer, and see what all of you come up with, and then narrow it down to its simplest terms to create your tagline.

If you want to know more about taglines, here’s an article I wrote about a similar topic, Unique Selling Proposition, for TURF magazine:

3 Ways to Come Up with Landscape/Lawn Care/Outdoor Living Blogging Topics

Are you running out of blog ideas?

If you’ve been following this blog for the past 18 months, you’ll be able to pick out some recurrent themes:

  1. The importance of beefing up your landscape/lawn care/outdoor living website with compelling content. And not just web copy (written words), but also videos, photos of before and after projects (with happy clients in them). And I’ve encouraged you to effectively use social media to build your green business’s platform and get the news out when you’ve something new online to share.
  2. The importance of localizing your website and blogging to gather interest among readers who’ll call you for business. My biggest push: Even though the Yellow Pages might’ve gone the way of the dodo bird, don’t forget about your geographical audience.
  3. The importance of keeping a consistent web and social media presence to garner trust and bring more people to you.

Yet, after you or your writer have been blogging awhile, you may find that your landscape/lawn care/outdoor living ideas are drying up. You’ve done everything I recommended, plus more. And the well is running dry.

So what do you do?

Here are three places to find new ideas to get the blogging ball rolling again:

  1. Look up keyword searches on Google Trends. How do people find your blogs? Ideally, if you’ve hired an Internet marketing agency that specializes in localization, they probably supply you with this information. If not, you need to do it yourself.
    I’m not an expert in Google Trends, but this is what I figured out by plugging in the keywords “build swimming pool:”
  • Under regions, I got this
  • Under queries, I got this
  • Under rising, I got this

So now I have some keywords to work with even if my pretend pool business is not located in the top subregions. You can use “build a pool (which was the most popular keyword search);” “inground swimming pools;” “natural swimming pools.” Additionally, you can write about “cost of a swimming pool;” “swimming pool design;” and “building a pool.”

  1. Check out your blog’s statistics. What were your most popular blogs? Can you write more about those subtopics? What about comments? Use comments to write new blog content.
  2. Look at the junk mail that’s delivered to your home’s mailbox. Last week, I got a mailer from a big box store. They had three pamphlets labeled: “Welcome Home,” “Backyard Living,” and “Curb Appeal.” In the Curb Appeal pamphlet there were “Tips for Tender Loving Lawn Care.” Have you ever written a blog about giving your readers’ lawns TLC? Play around with it—just don’t copy someone else’s work because your Google rankings WILL drop and you could get in trouble for plagiarism (now I’m sounding like an English teacher!).

As you can see, you have a lot of options when it comes to digging for new blogging ideas.

Have you tried the above? Or if you have other techniques for finding fresh landscape/lawn care/outdoor living blog topics, please share them here!

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