Business Blog Writing Series Part 1: What is a Website Copywriter

Business Blog Writing Series Part 1: What is a Website Copywriter?
Important news for landscapers and lawn care companies (as well as other medium-sized businesses) that need website copywriting services:

The Landscape Writer now offers comprehensive web content writing.

The Landscape Writer’s Web Content Job Description

So, what does it look like when you hire me to write content for your website?

Well, it’s definitely not a fly-by-night relationship—and yes, readers, you’ll need to play a part in creating your web content too. I’ll be the perfect fit for you if you want.

  • In-depth writing to give your potential customers an inside peek into what you offer them.
  • Keywords and localization SEO that gets you noticed, but doesn’t sound sloppy in the copy.
  • Zoom meetings that I record and transcribe to use when writing your web copy.
  • Tight writing that gets to the point. Active voice, not passive verbs, make for engaging web copy.
  • Professionally written web copy that’s ready to be uploaded on your website.

I’ll even send you web content writing examples upon request to show you that I know how to write web content that gets results.

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Let’s Talk about Relationship with Your Website Content Writer

While you may be excited and have great expectations for your website copy, you’ll need to add some reality into the mix.

I don’t magically come up with content—I need to talk to you and you need to share your thoughts with me.

I’ve been writing web content and blogs for the green industry and others for over eight years. I know what I need to create website content that delivers.

I’ve learned some things over the years that I hope you digest before calling—I customize all your web content and blogs. I don’t copy and paste.

However, in order to accomplish the uniqueness you want in your content, you need to spend time talking with me. This is what a relationship with the Landscape Writer looks like:

  1. We set up a time to talk via Zoom. I have an in-take questionnaire that I’ll give you ahead of time. During our Zoom call, we’ll go over the questions so I learn more about you, your company, your content needs, and your customers.
  • Note to landscapers, lawn care owners, and other seasonal businesses. Unless you have a point person (such as a marketing person or your web designer) on hand to answer questions, you’ll need to schedule your website consultations with me in late fall or early winter when things slow down for you.
  • Creating website content takes time. There’s no other way around it. If you design your own website or hire a web designer, you know that building a website takes time. Your web developer doesn’t just whip it out of a hat.

The same thing goes with web content writing. It takes time—especially if you want web content that gets results. Anyone can slap some keywords on a Word doc.

You can find more helpful digital marketing tips at The Landscape Writer’s News & Resources page.

You’ll find success with the Landscape Writer when you’re willing to work with me on a project schedule. It’s a partnership, if you will.

  • Effective website content writing services don’t come cheap. I’m not only writing copy, but I’m also interviewing you and researching SEO keywords for you. Plus, I use Zoom and a transcription service to record our interview sessions. Web writing prices from the Landscape Writer are competitive.

Next Steps for Hiring a Website Content Writer—Near You or Remotely

While I do write website content for local customers, I also write remotely. Currently, I have freelance writing gigs in Florida, Illinois, Missouri, Texas, and Virginia.

If you’re looking for a website content writer, you came to the right place. Set up a time to chat on my calendar or fill out my free consultation form. I’m looking forward to meeting you.

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