How Turf Magazine’s Article “Marketing Your Business for 2021” Gets You Off to an Excellent Start

How Turf Magazine's Article "Marketing Your Business for 2021" Gets You Off to an Excellent Start

Do you want to get your lawn and landscaping company off to an excellent start in the new year? Then, what’s your plan for marketing your landscaping and lawn company in 2021?

Things have changed over the past year due to Covid, and 2021 looks to be a year where you can add or subtract marketing protocols based on your budget.

A Summary of the Article

Turf Magazine’s business management article called, “Marketing Your Business for 2021,” was written by yours truly. So, there’s some shameless marketing going on here.

But on the other hand, I interviewed four green industry folks who know their marketing stuff. Kelly Dowell, Jay Worth, Wayne Volz, and Jack Jostes share their experiences and wisdom regarding careful planning for the Spring season.

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By the way: You don’t want to wait until late February or early March to create your marketing plan because your busy season will be starting soon. And marketing strategy takes a few months to put together and execute.

Consistency is another takeaway from the article too. Don’t just start blogging with one post in March and April and then crickets until the fall or for eternity. Instead, make a plan and outsource as needed.

I don’t want to give away the article, so you’ll need to click the link above to get the lowdown on

  • Planning for thought leadership on social media
  • Looking at past marketing efforts, evaluating them, and tailoring your new marketing plan based on what you found
  • Working with your sales team to create a plan that nails content to attract more people to your website rather than your competitors.

After you’re done reading the article, let me know what you thought. You can send your comments to Happy Reading!

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Need Help with Your Blogging in 2021?

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