There are several questions that I’m asked a lot when prospects knock on my virtual door.  So, here are the four most common questions I get from you when you call me about my writing services:

How much do you know about my industry?

If you’re in the lawn care, landscape design-build, gardening, agriculture, and casual living markets, I know a lot. I’ve written about your industries and studied your industries over the past 12 years.

Will I have to rewrite your blogs?

Absolutely not! If you find a discrepancy in my writing, you let me know right away and I’ll make the changes that you need. You’re guaranteed two edits that are included in the cost for a blog post.

Where do you get your information from to write blog content?

First, I look at your website to see what products and services you provide. I then go to land grant universities, such as Cornell University, Ohio State University, Penn State University, and Perdue University to look up more detailed and up-to-date research on the topic you want for that month. I’ll take that information, including the information from your site, and I’ll parry it down into a blog. A lot of my blogs are how-to’s, tip sheets, etc. They’re about 450 – 900 words long and I write them so it sounds like you’re talking directly to your clients and prospects.

Is your content fresh and original?

Yes, it’s fresh and it’s original. I never repost or recycle blogs from other clients, and I NEVER rewrite other folks’ work. I do all of my research and all of my writing for each blog that I send to my clients.

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