Green Thumb Tech: Best Mobile Apps for Landscapers

Green Thumb Tech: Best Mobile Apps for Landscapers

Are you curious about the newest mobile apps for landscapers and lawn care business owners?

Mobile apps for the green industry cover organizing your back office to the best routing and where to find the cheapest gas. Some landscaping apps allow you to sync with other apps, offer email marketing campaigns, and sync your Google Business account with the app.

A few years ago, I uploaded the article, 14 Best Apps for Lawn Care and Landscaping Businesses, by a guest blogger. Over the years, I updated it, especially Jobber and QuickBooks, since I’m an affiliate for them.

It’s time to update and create part two of 14 Best Apps for Lawn Care and Landscaping Businesses since it’s held the number one spot on The Landscape Writer for the past five years.

In this article, you’ll be learning the following about mobile apps for landscapers:

  • How to maximize efficiency with task management apps
  • Streamline client communications with messaging apps
  • Enhance on-site operations using planning and designing apps
  • Grow your knowledge with this non-mobile app for landscapers.

How to Maximize Efficiency with Task Management Apps

Growing a small landscaping business may seem daunting, but you would be wrong. Plenty of landscaping apps on the market can help you manage your jobs in one place.

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Here are six popular landscaping apps to check out from

  1. FieldPulse

This mobile app has features tailored for landscape business owners and streamlines your operations. Using FieldPulse, you can create price estimates, manage schedules, and dispatch your teams.

Although Housecall Pro wasn’t listed in my sources, it is one of the more popular software programs for the green industry. According to its website, over 40,000 businesses use it.

Housecall Pro allows you to manage

  • Scheduling
  • Estimates and payments
  • Improved customer experience.
  • Jobber

I have written extensively about Jobber on my blog because I’m an affiliate. On, 90% of Jobber’s reviews are positive.

Jobber allows new leads to book on your Facebook or website, and you can send professional-looking invoices using the mobile app. The app also works as a CRM by saving all client information in one place.

Jobber introduced two new marketing tools this spring. You can now set up email campaigns on the app and sync your Google Business profile to your Jobber account to see reviews as they come in. It also helps you ask your customers for reviews.

This software program is geared toward landscapers and arborists. Like many other green thumb techs, KickServ helps you consolidate your spreadsheets and other paperwork online. According to KickServ, you’ll close more deals, provide excellent customer service, and get paid faster.

This field service software works for both lawn care operations and landscaping services. mHelpDesk helps you with contact management, scheduling & dispatching, work history, setting up recurring jobs, managing leads, and billing and invoicing.

ServiceTitan’s cloud-based landscaping business management software is called Aspire. Aspire’s key features include

  • CRM
  • Estimating
  • Scheduling
  • Crew tracking
  • Job costing
  • Purchasing
  • Invoicing
  • Reporting.

Streamline Client Communications with Messaging Apps

Messaging apps help you stay connected to landscaping customers and techs in the field by reminding them of upcoming appointments, specials, and other communications.

While some of the above software also has messaging apps, recommended the following:

  1. Aspire Crew Control allows you to stay connected with your crews. Your crews will no longer miss jobs because they have the information to serve all your clients’ appointments.
  • RealGreen’s mobile app updates your techs with real-time synced data from you. It also provides tools that help your crews complete work orders faster, make notes for upsells, and offer exceptional customer service.
  • SingleOps offers one platform for you to manage.
  • CRM
  • Job management
  • Crew & equipment management
  • Invoicing & payments
  • Reporting & insights for your landscaping company
  • Texting ability for you, your teams, and customers.

According to SingleOps’ website, you and your team can manage client and prospect lists from anywhere and on any device because SingleOps’ platform holds all of your data in the cloud.

  • GorillaDesk serves field service industries, including lawn care, pest control, and pool services. Depending on your green industry business needs, you can choose between basic and pro subscriptions.

This platform provides the following features for a basic subscription:

  • CRM
  • Drag & drop calendar
  • Invoicing & billing
  • The mobile app has a messaging feature
  • Route optimizer
  • Scheduling & dispatching
  • Team permissions
  • Work orders.

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Enhance On-Site Operations Using Planning and Designing Apps

If you plug in “planning and designing landscape apps” in Google, you’ll get a list of at least 16 mobile apps for applications, planning, and landscape design.

Put in “planning and designing landscape apps” in Microsoft’s Bing, and you won’t receive a list. Instead, Bing provided links to popular landscaping apps and an article from Borst Landscape & Design called Best Landscape Design Apps for iPad, iPhone, and Android.

This helpful blog post lists 10 free or low-cost apps. Granted, if you have a larger landscaping company, you may want to invest in more professional apps, but this will give you a crucial first step for new businesses.

Here are the 10 mobile apps that Borst Landscape & Design recommends; you can read the article online for details:

  1. iScape App
  2. Landscaper’s Companion
  3. Houzz
  4. Home Design 3D Outdoor & Garden
  5. Home Outside, Landscape Design for Everyone
  6. PRO Landscape Home
  7. My Lawn: A Guide to Lawn Care
  8. Garden and Landscape Designs
  9. VR Gardens—3D Design Planner
  10. Planter – Garden Planner.

Grow Your Knowledge with This Non-Mobile App for Landscapers

One of my X (formerly Twitter) followers recommended this website for all landscapers and lawn care owners/operators: My Landscape Academy ( My Landscape Academy is an online hub for landscaping training courses.

They have over 40 online courses on safety, equipment use, and landscape skills. The training courses are in English and Spanish to serve all your employees who work in the field.

You can learn more about how the academy works by visiting its FAQs page.

Level Up Your Landscape Business: Click to Get Started!

If you’re starting a new landscaping or lawn care business, the above mobile apps will be invaluable to your company’s success. These tools will help you stay organized, communicate with team members, and manage invoicing and customer relationship management (CRM).

Click any of the above links to use landscaping apps to level up your landscaping company.

Elevate your landscaping business by harnessing the power of local SEO and strategic keywords. Contact me through my consultation form if you need support with your website’s content marketing strategy.

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