14 Best Apps For Lawn Care And Landscaping Business Owners

10 Best Apps For Lawn Care And Landscaping Business Owners

by Gabe Nelson, GreenPal

Updated April 16, 2024 by Wendy Komancheck

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Owning your own business is a lot of work. Owning a business that factors in clients and their wants and needs is even more complicated. If you’re a lawn care or landscaping business owner, you’ve probably spent a lot of time working with clients to ensure you’re doing exactly what they want. No one wants to be surprised with landscaping or a lawn they hate.

Lawn care and landscaping businesses have some unique needs other businesses may not. For example, pulling up a contract during a large outdoor project could be useful for your business. Luckily with technology and smartphone apps, plenty of new options exist when it comes to managing your business.

Now is the perfect time to take a minute or two to learn about the best apps for lawn care and landscaping business owners. A few extra minutes could save you a lot of time and frustration while you’re on a job site, and you’ll never regret that.

Do you want all of your back office tasks on one app? Now, you can with Jobber. This app allows you to schedule and dispatch in real time, get paid faster with automated quote and invoice follow-ups and run daily operations from your truck or office.

You can read more about Jobber in my blog post If Your Landscaping Business Is Growing, Then You Need Jobber. You can watch this video to see how a business owner uses Jobber.

Jobber has also introduced new marketing features to streamline your landscape business by syncing your Google Business account with your Jobber account. Additionally, the app now offers email marketing campaigns you can do on the go. Read more about these brand new features in the blog post, Enhance Your Landscape Business with Jobber’s Latest Features

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2. iPunchclock

Billing for time is an important part of any lawn care or landscaping business. Documenting your time accurately and in a format easily shared with clients is a huge asset.

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iPunchclock lets you manage multiple time sheets from your phone. You can clock in and out on the app in real time, which takes the guesswork out of figuring out when you arrived and left a site when the day is over. You can even enable the location feature in the app to help it pull up the right time sheet for the right job.

When you’re ready, you can export your time sheets into several programs, including Google Docs.

3. Invoice2go

This app lets you send an invoice to your customer directly from your phone to their email. It eliminates the need for extra steps to create invoices on a computer. You also have the chance to invoice in real time instead of waiting until you get back to your home or office to send something to your client.

For lawn care and landscaping business owners, where much of your time is spent directly on the client’s property, being able to invoice right then is especially useful.

4. Gas Buddy

Do you want to know where the cheapest gas is in town? Then, you need the Gas Buddy app.

You can sign up for Gas Buddy and put in your lawn and landscaping company’s credit card to make filling up at the pump easy and efficient. While you may have gas pumps in your yard, your crews may find they need to fill up if the job has taken them far away.

Simplify your life and get Gas Buddy at the App Store or Google Play.

5. Leafsnap

If you’ve ever met with a client and had to say, “I’m not quite sure,” when they ask you what kind of tree is on their property, you need this app. Leafsnap lets you take a picture of the leaves on the tree in question. It then uses the same technology facial recognition programs use to reference thousands of pictures of trees.

The app will let you know what kind of tree you’re dealing with, saving you a lot of time and research that more outdated methods would require. You’ll have a fast way to answer clients’ questions and help them plan out complementing plants or develop a good plan for properly caring for their tree.

6. Harvest Landscape Calculator

How often have you been asked how much soil or mulch an area you’re working on will need? The Harvest Landscape Calculator puts an end to the guesswork involved in these estimations for your clients.

You can enter the depth of the area you’re planting with the slider tool and then tell the app the amount of area you need to cover. The calculator will give you the exact amount of soil or mulch you need to finish the project. No more rough estimates that could leave you running short of supplies in the middle of a workday.

7. OSHA Heat Safety Tool

Most of your work involves being outside, especially in the summer when the weather is hot. Being smart about how you will handle the heat is important to your health and safety.

OSHA Heat Safety Tool tells you the temperature, humidity, and even the “feels like” temperature of the weather in your area. It also includes recommendations on how often to take breaks and drink water and even gives you a list of heat-related illness symptoms.

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No one wants to need a list like that but if you find yourself in a situation where you need that information quickly you won’t have to worry about not knowing where to look.

8. Planimeter

Planimeter lets you enter an address and provides pictures of the property and measurement information. You can view all the information before you even step foot on the property so you can arrive prepared and ready to plan out the best landscaping or lawn care tips for your clients.

9. Lawn Buddy

Lawn Buddy is an app that does a little bit of everything, and it’s specifically made for your lawn care business needs. If you need help planning effective routes to get that day’s tasks done, that’s something Lawn Buddy can plan out for you.

You can also handle behind-the-scenes things like scheduling your crews, creating estimates, and automated invoicing. The app will send an invoice to your client as soon as you mark a job completed, so that’s an extra step you no longer have to worry about.

Want to store all of your communications with your client on one phone app? Lawn Buddy can do that, too. You won’t have to search endless lists of texts to find conversations with your clients anymore. Keeping your business and personal communication in separate areas can be especially handy.

10. The Weather Channel

Much like the OSHA app, this is imperative to have when you’re working outside most of your time. You can get up-to-date weather information, push notifications for weather watches and warnings, and even breakdowns of what the weather will be like by the hour.

When you’re planning out what you need to get done for your clients you really can’t make the most effective plan without the best possible information on what weather to expect. The Weather Channel app takes care of any questions you might have about the upcoming weather and what you need to be ready for.

11. DocuSign

When you’re dealing with estimates and contracts, you will need a convenient way for your clients to view and sign documents as you go. DocuSign is an app you can keep right on your phone, so your clients can see what they’re signing and ask questions while you’re still with them.

You’ll be able to have things signed and squared away without ever having to leave the property, only to send your client later a document you’ve created at home or in your office. It’s just one more way to be sure everyone is on the same page before you start a project.

12. YourGreenPal

If you’re looking for an app that allows you to look at what homeowners in your area are offering as potential jobs, GreenPal is a great option. You’ll be able to see what homeowners have submitted to the app as a job they need a lawn care pro for.

Once you’ve seen jobs that pique your interest, you’ll have the chance to bid on the job giving the homeowner a chance to choose you. This app brings customers right to your doorstep (or a smartphone, in this case) and lets you choose what to bid on based on your own interests.

You’ll even be able to do a set amount of bids for free each day once you’re done with the job, GreenPal bills the customer for you, so there aren’t any delays while creating invoices and waiting for payment. It’s a great app to add to your lineup.

13. iScape

This is a simple app that helps you visualize where to put different landscape enhancements on your customer’s property. You can add arbors, trees, and other plants to various areas to see their appearance once installed in a landscape bed or backyard.

You can download the iScape app at the App Store.

14. QuickBooks

QuickBooks is a great software tool for keeping your financials in one place. If you’re a small—to mid-size landscaping business, you need QuickBooks to help you with bookkeeping and provide a visual for your cash flow.


Managing a lawn care or landscaping business is time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be so complicated that you’re overwhelmed with tasks you can handle easily if you use the right apps. Keep these apps in mind and find what works best for you. Once you figure out the best mix of apps for your business, you’ll never want to return to anything you’ve done before.

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