Jobber Saves You Time and Money

Jobber Saves You Time and Money

Updated on November 01, 2022 by Wendy Komancheck

Full disclosure: I am an affiliate of Jobber and will receive compensation when you sign up through my referral link. When signing up for Jobber through The Landscape Writer, you have no cost or obligation to me. You can read more about this on the disclaimer link on my website.

Right now, you’re busy running from job to job. You added a few crews to your landscaping business a few years ago because you were getting more work. However, growth means more paperwork too.

You love what you’re doing except for the paperwork, which takes all day on Sunday. Or maybe you burn the midnight oil after working in the field for 12 to 14 hours daily.

It sounds as if you need some back office help. Jobber, a business solution for field service business owners, including lawn care and landscaping, helps you organize your back office paperwork. Also, Jobber saves you time and money.

Ready to revolutionize your landscaping business? Sign up for Jobber now and get 20% off your monthly plan for the first 6 months OR 20% off your annual plan! As a new user, you’ll enjoy the benefits of streamlined scheduling, invoicing, and more. Don’t wait – this offer can’t be combined with other promotions and is only available for subscriptions purchased before May 14, 2023. Take control of your business today with Jobber – sign up now and start saving!

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Is Too Much Paperwork Eating Up Your Downtime?

Do you dread the weekends or evenings?

If you have to spend your downtime reading barely legible timecards, following up on late invoices, or using numerous spreadsheets to keep track of your business, you may dread your weekends.

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Suppose you need to call back Mrs. Smith, who needs a landscaper to freshen up her flower beds and lay down sod. Should you call on a Sunday or wait until Monday morning? But you must be at the job site by 8 a.m.—is 7 a.m. too early to reach a retired customer?

What if you could invest in software that helps track your crews’ timesheets, allows your customers to schedule their next mow or fertilizer treatment on your website, and where customers can also pay their invoices directly to you?

You can by investing in Jobber.

How Jobber Saves You Time and Money

You can get your downtime back when you choose to invest in Jobber. Jobber is an all-in-one solution that helps field service businesses, including lawn care and landscaping companies, manage their operations efficiently.

In other words, Jobber saves you time and money.

What is the Jobber app? It’s a software app that

  • Schedules and dispatches in real time
  • Get paid faster with an automated quote and invoice follow-ups
  • Run daily operations from anywhere with the lawn care app
  • Book more jobs through Jobber.

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Jobber keeps track of how field services do in general. Here are some stats to help you to consider adding Jobber to your company’s arsenal:

  • Businesses grow their revenue by an average of 37% in the first year using Jobber
  • When collecting payment online through Jobber, businesses get paid 4x faster

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  • Businesses using Jobber get tipped an average of 5%
  • Create quotes 70% faster when you offer online booking through Jobber
  • Businesses using two-way text messaging on Jobber have 2x more repeat customers.
If Your Landscaping Business Is Growing, Then You Need Jobber
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Still Not Sure If Jobber Is for You?

However, you may want to hear from other lawn care and landscape company owners about their experiences with Jobber. Here are four case studies involving lawn care and landscaping business owners for you to check out:

  1. Building a Flourishing Pond Business: Lessons from a Lifetime of Entrepreneurship.
  2. How This Landscaper Built a $1 Million Business with Jobber
  3. How Sef The Lawn Surgeon Creates Lifelong Customers with Jobber
  4. How These Entrepreneurs Went from 0 to 60 Lawns a Week with Jobber
  5. See How This Business Owner Uses Jobber.

You may wonder, “Why is the Landscape Writer busy promoting Jobber?”

I use software and app programs to run my writing business, including Acquity, Grammarly, QuickBooks, Zoom, and Sonix (an AI transcribing program). I need these tools to create a better experience for you on my website and write better blog posts for my customers.

And yes, I pay for all of these services. They’re my overhead and help free up my administrative tasks to spend more time creating content for my customers, like you.

Also, I got involved with Jobber after working with one of my landscaping clients, Tyler Dixon, in the above photo. I remember writing Tyler’s web copy and adding “powered by Jobber” because Tyler uses Jobber and promotes the product on his website.

A few weeks after I finished Tyler’s website copy, Ivy from Jobber contacted me. At first, I thought maybe Tyler referred me, but Ivy said she found me online. Since I just wrote a web copy for a landscaper who uses Jobber and read trade magazine articles that included Jobber stats, I knew about Jobber and trusted the brand.

While trying out a new service may be scary, Jobber gives you a 14-day trial to see if the software and app will work for you as a business owner. For added reassurance, here’s what three software review sites say about Jobber:

  1. gives Jobber 4.54/5 stars from 595 reviewers.
  2. gives Jobber an analyst rating of 88. This reviewer said that the two-way text doesn’t work in the app. I asked my contact at Jobber, and she said, “Two-way text messaging is available on the Jobber Grow plan in the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom. Two-way text messaging is not available while in trial.”

While you can’t use the texting feature during the 14-day trial, you can learn more about Jobber’s two-way texting in this article.

3. (A Motley Fool service) presents Jobber with an 8.6/10 and the best support tab.

Yes, I get a commission when you sign up for Jobber, but I hope you know that I only promote products that will improve your working life and support your landscaping business. If you want to take a chance with Jobber, sign up for their 14-day trial to see if it works because Jobber saves you time and money.

What do you think? Will you give Jobber a try?

If you want to take advantage of Jobber’s features and benefits, you must sign up through my landing page or you’ll miss out!

And if you’re looking for content writing services for your lawn and landscape company, fill out my free consultation form or email me at

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