Garden Writing Clips

So, I started writing clips for my local newspapers, moved on to trade magazines, and then onto B2B blogging. As I got involved with Garden Communicators International, I realized I also wanted to write about consumer garden topics.

Welcome to the Weekly Dispatch from the Landscape Writer in the Garden

Hiya Gardening Friends, This week has been busy, but I’m dreaming about getting out into the garden soon. Spring arrives on Monday, March 20, 2023! Are you as excited as I am? Two Gardening Articles for Inspiration Do you love digging in the dirt? Are you ready to buy seeds and young plants to, Read More

Garden Musings: The Problem of Nutsedge

Weeds are like dust in my home—never-ending. I’ve spent lots of time weeding on a muggy July day, only to find that more weeds popped up while weeding.

I find yellow nutsedge to be the worst weed of all. It’s a stubborn weed that grows like grass, but it’s yellow-green and reedy as it grows.

Breaking into Garden Writing

Writing My Way Home–A Gardener’s Tale is a poem I wrote while watching a webinar from Fieldmoot. Hopefully, it’ll bring joy to you!

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