Do You Need More Referrals in Your Sales Pipeline?

Do You Need More Referrals in Your Sales Pipeline?

If you’re looking for a helpful article to get more leads for your landscaping, lawn care or home services business, then you need to read this article in Turf Magazine. I confess I wrote it. But I’m passionate about sharing ways you can grow your business.

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Also, I’ll be uploading more blogs in the near future. Life got a little crazy with an unexpected flood in my kitchen at the same time as my firstborn’s high school graduation and my other son’s 18th birthday.

Now, I’m blessed with a beautiful kitchen, thanks to HOME by Melissa and her team. If you need a passionate project manager or your home staged, you need Melissa.

Melissa shared her before and after pics of my kitchen. So, if you want to see a kitchen disaster transform into something homey & beautiful, please check out Melissa’s Facebook Page.

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Next blog topic: How to Develop Blog Ideas for Your Landscape/Lawn Care/Home Services’ Website.

If you need a blogger to write posts for your lawn care, landscaping, manufacturing or home services’ website, call me today at 717-381-6719 or fill out my free consultation form.

Do You Need More Referrals in Your Sales Pipeline?
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