Running Out of Blog Ideas Pt 2

Running Out of Blog Ideas Part 2

Since Running Out of Blog Ideas continues to be one of my most popular blog posts, I decided to create Part 2 for you.


The points I made in Part 1 are still valid. And yet, I have a few more years of experience under my belt, and I have a broader audience with different needs.


One thing all of you have in common is coming up with blogging ideas.


Whether you’re a business owner or a content marketing machine, you need smart blog ideas to help reach your ideal audience.


In this blog post, you’ll learn to look at your keywords for blog ideas; check out your competitors’ blogs to see what they’re posting; and get more ideas from the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP).


Use Your Keywords


Your keywords and locations make great subjects and subject heads. For example, if your keywords are


  • Organic lawn care
  • Fertilization
  • Pre-emergent
  • First mow,


Then, your blog topic could be “Spring Organic Lawn Care.” Then your subheads would be


  • What is organic lawn care?
  • How organic fertilizer feeds the soil
  • How organic pre-emergent doesn’t harm the soil
  • Schedule your first mow by April 1.


Did you know that hiring a content writer for your green industry blogs will save you time? Read more in this post.


One other point: Don’t forget your locations. If you cover a bunch of towns, you want to mention that somewhere on your blog.


A lot of times I add the customer’s cities at the end of their blog, and I mention their state one to two times throughout the post.


For example, if your customer base is in the Philadelphia, Pa. suburbs, you want to include Phoenixville, Royersford, and Valley Forge, Pa. at the bottom of your blog.


See What Your Competitors are Posting


Please note that I’m not encouraging you to plagiarize. I merely want you to evaluate your posts compared to your competitor’s blogs.


Here are some questions to ask yourself as you’re comparing blogs:


  • How often are they posting?
  • What topics are they covering?
  • Are they the same as yours?
  • Does it seem that your competitor understands their clients and prospects?
  • How can you change your blogs to meet your audience’s needs better?


I always tell my kids, “Know your audience” before you share your opinion. And when it comes to writing blogs, the most successful ones are when the writer addresses their unique audience.


Know. Your. Audience.


Knowing your audience includes


  • Demographics: Demographics include the region you serve, the people who hire you (young families, senior citizens, etc.); if they have HOA regulations; and how much land the typical homeowner owns.


  • Who makes the call?: The husband or the wife? The property manager?


  • How much money does your client make?: Middle class, mid-upper class, higher end clients? Do they live in Manhattan during the week and enjoy their homes on the weekends?


Once you know who you’ll be writing to, you can focus on their primary property problems.


Questions like what specific lawn and landscape problems do your customers and prospects face in your region? How do they spend their weekends—working in their homes or running their kids around? Or both?


How does your green industry company help solve their problems?

How do you stand out from your competitors? Read more in this blog post.


Have You Checked Out NALP’s Website Lately?


NALP has worked hard in the last two years to really to put out content that green industry business owners can use. Go to their website and scroll down their resources in “Featured Content.”


Get more blog ideas at NALP’s sister site, Both sites provide treasure troves of blog ideas.


If you use their info, don’t forget to site it in your blog’s text by hyperlinking like I’m doing in this blog post.


Here’s one more tidbit to generating ideas. April is next month, and that means it’s National Lawn Care Month.


And guess who has a toolkit for you to market your mowing, lawn care and landscape maintenance services? You got it, NALP.


There’s a lot of simple, free things you can do to get more ideas for your lawn and landscape design blogs. Use your keywords, NALP resources and reading blog posts your competitors are putting out there.


If these ideas seem overwhelming—especially since you’re just a minute away from the busy spring season—then you need the Landscape Writer.


This year, focus on fixing your customers’ lawn care and landscape problems while I write blogs and social media content for you.


Learn more about my writing services for the green industry by filling out my free consultation page, emailing me at or calling me Monday through Friday at 717-381-6719.

PS – One other service I need to tell you about. One of my clients told me about Answer the Public. It’s easy to use and generates great blogging ideas.








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