The Role of Trench Drains in Landscaping and Lawn Drainage

The Role of Trench Drains in Landscaping and Lawn Drainage

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by Ankit Sehgal of Swiftdrain

The most breathtaking of landscapes can appear nightmarish in the absence of a proper drainage system. This is especially true of your lawn, which can be ruined on account of waterlogging. One of the best ways of keeping any kind of landscape, including a lawn from getting ruined by the excessive collection of water is by constructing trench drains. These have been used by mankind since ancient times with the Romans having constructed them throughout their empire thousands of years ago. Intrepid builders that they were, the ancient Romans were known to build huge trench drain systems that supplied fresh and clean water to the many large cities they helped create.

What Are Trench Drains

A modern trench drain though has a more mundane, but possibly equally important role to play. It is primarily used to remove surface water from an expansive landscape. This is accomplished by constructing a trench alongside the land and covering it with a grate to allow the water to be channeled through it.  These are sometimes constructed across paved zones to allow easy diversion of water. This helps such areas stay water-free with relative ease. You may have seen such structures around commercial establishments or loading docks.

A trench drain is essentially a surface drainage system constructed to quickly get rid of surface water. These come in various sizes and could range from being no more than an inch wide to much larger ones depending upon what they might be used for.

Trench Drains and Landscaping

A wet, messy and muddy yard is not something unusual to experience during wet weather. The most well-maintained of yards can be overwhelmed by an excessive amount of rainwater that has no way out. Trench drains are just what the doctor ordered for removing excess water that has collected at the edge of a paved area. These can also prevent the water from flowing into a pool or a patio. Such drains could be anything between four to six inches wide and at least two feet long. The water is taken away from such trench drains through subsurface pipes enabling the yard to be drained.

Trench Drains and Lawn Drainage

The great thing about trench drains is their versatility as these can be constructed in diverse environments like asphalt, concrete, gravel and grass.  One can drain the lawn of stagnant water by constructing a trench drain. Not doing so could lead to the grass dying and what’s worse is that you could soon be dealing with the menace of mosquitoes. Besides, the water could flow to your house and cause structural damage. A well-designed perimeter trench drain system works very well in such cases by both draining your lawn and preventing excess water from entering the main structure of your home.

The Advantages of Using Trench Drains

There are several reasons for drainage issues to occur, ranging from a flat lie of the land to soil that does not possess much porous quality. One of the best ways to effectively deal with drainage issues that such landscapes will inevitably suffer is to get a professionally designed trench drainage system installed.

This will enable you to properly channel stormwater or runoff that threatens to swamp your property. Trench drains will not only help protect your property and landscape but also prevent soil erosion caused by standing water.

Drainage issues are far more common than one would imagine as there are multiple reasons that may lead to it. Sometimes the very architectural and landscape design is not conducive to proper drainage. Other common reasons are the nature of the soil, high water tables and property built on low elevation liable to receiving off-site runoff. A well-designed trench drain system can help keep your property free of excessive water and moisture.

A situation where you are not able to access parts of your property is not a very happy one. Imagine not being able to use outdoors walkways and the parking area on account of these being waterlogged. The most effective way to avoid this kind of major inconvenience is to install the appropriate trench drainage system that will get rid of such problems permanently.

What is important of course is that you get the trench drainage system installed by a service provider who has the best credentials for doing a great job. This includes possessing the right kind of training, experience and tools to properly understand the drainage requirements for a specific property. Equally importantly they should install just the right kind of equipment to ensure that the drainage system they put in place works perfectly.

It makes sense to work with people who have a proven track record even if they cost a little more. This will ensure that you obtain the best value for the investment made by you. The best professionals in the line are sure to do a great job of installing just the kind of drainage system that your property needs.

Your home or property means the world to you and neglecting the important matter of installing a proper drainage system could prove to be a costly mistake. Getting a trench drainage system installed in a proven way of ensuring that your property not only looks great but also stays protected from major structural damage. More on trench drains can be found


From the times of the ancient Roman Empire to today’s digital era, trench drains have well proved their tremendous versatility and effectiveness. These are extensively used across industries and homes as a highly effective means of removing surface water. Trench drains play an extremely important role in their channelling stagnant groundwater away from the home and thereby preventing it from seeping into the foundation. These also help keep one’s lawn free of excess water and in the process prevents it from getting irretrievably damaged.

Trench drains are especially useful in areas prone to waterlogging and offer a very effective and economical way of preventing extensive damage due to waterlogging. It is not surprising that these are looked upon as an ideal solution for a myriad of drainage related problems.

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