News You Can Use – January Updates

News You Can Use

Does January fly by for you? I know it’s the off-season for most lawn care and landscaping contractors. Yet for those of you in the snow removal business, you’re very busy if you’re in the upper Midwest or in California.

Here in Pennsylvania as well as the Eastern Seaboard, our winter has been mild. Matter of fact, it’s 62 degrees Fahrenheit right now in Pennsylvania. But there is snow and ice coming according to NOAA.

Something New for 2020

Many times, I start brainstorming for an insightful blog to help you meet your content marketing goals. January and February are perfect months for you to get caught up on what you need to know in marketing your green industry (lawn care, landscaping, tree care) company.

So, here are some quick content marketing tips to do during slow times:

  • Get a regular blogging schedule down or outsource your blogging needs to an SME writer.
  • Make a content calendar. The content marketing pros will want you to get super detailed. If that’s not your thing, then jot down some ideas that would benefit your readers.
  • Who are your readers? Take a minute and think about who your favorite customers are. What’s that person’s name, age, income level? What stage of life are they in (young family, middle-aged with kids in high school, retirees)? What makes them your favorite type of client?
  • Then plan on writing blogs, landing pages, and web pages to find that favorite customer of yours.
  • Don’t forget to use social media. At least, start with a Facebook Business Page.
  • Break into a niche.
  • Stay local.

Read how to form a niche in the Turf Magazine written by yours truly.

Now for the News

Here are some of the articles I’ve found in newsletters and online trade magazines that are related to content marketing or the lawn care/landscaping industry:

You can listen to Matt Hudson’s podcast where he and I discuss the current trends in content marketing.

How the Landscape Writer Helps You with Your Content Marketing

If you need a blog writer in 2020, then you came to the right place. At the Landscape Writer, I work with lawn care and landscaping businesses to create content for their websites.

I also work with your web developer or digital marketing company for website content, blogs, landing pages and much more. Oh, and I also work with green industry manufacturers, such as outdoor irrigation, lawn care and garden equipment, and landscape suppliers.

If you need a reliable writer to craft your blogs and your other content marketing needs, call or text at 717-381-6719 or fill out my contact form.

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