How Important is Localization Marketing to Your Lawn Service/Landscape Business?

If It’s Not, Here are 5 Reasons Why It Should Be


  1. You mostly serve people living in your region. Your neck of the woods is where your localization efforts need to take place. You want to let those people know that you exist and why they need to hire you.
  2. Localized marketing, such as blogging and Facebook, keeps your current readers updated on current lawn and landscape problems and solutions. It also reassures them that you’re the one to call to help them solve those problems. For example, if you’re a lawn care company, you can blog about different fungal diseases that could be plaguing your readers’ lawns at different times throughout the year. At the end of the blog, add that folks can send you pictures of their lawns for your diagnosis.
  3. Even though the traditional Yellow Pages are going the way of the dodo bird, doesn’t mean that you give up targeting your geographical audience. Instead, you should invest your marketing dollars into best marketing practices, including localized Internet marketing.
  4. Find the right people to help you. Again, find an Internet/Web marketing agency that specializes in localized Internet marketing. Find writers, videographers, and graphic designers who are at least familiar with the green industry. And if you can find a professional who specializes in the green industry, all the better. A green industry writer understands what you do, as well as how to take complex information and write to your readers’ levels.
  5. Budget and invest in Internet marketing. It’s too easy to give up and say you’re not tech savvy or that professional Internet marketers, writers, and videographers are too expensive. Call around and find out how much each service will cost you. And if you can’t afford it now, can you put back a certain amount of dollars and cents to invest in those services at a later date?

Have you incorporated your region in your lawn care, landscape and outdoor living website? If not, why not?

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