The Landscape Writer is Partnering Up with The Strategic Landscaper


If you’re a lawn and landscape owner/operator, you’ll be pleased to hear that Matt Hudson of the Strategic Landscaper and me, the Landscape Writer, have decided to partner up to pool our services. We’re still separate businesses—but want to provide you with a combined service so you have a one-stop shop rather than having to hire lots of vendors to work on your website and content.

So without further ado, here is my interview with Matt Hudson:

WK: Please briefly explain who you are, your history as a landscaper, and what/who the Strategic Landscaper is?

MH: I am Matt Hudson, and I have a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture degree from the University of Georgia, 1998. I have over 20 years’ experience owning and operating landscape design-build and maintenance companies. My primary focus has been landscape design and business development. I have spent a significant amount of my career developing landscape companies and focusing on marketing and sales strategies. I launched Strategic Landscaper in Jan of 2015. Strategic Landscaper is a business development resource for landscape professionals.

“My goal is to help landscape professionals optimize their time and efforts by leveraging the information and technology of today to create a rewarding and profitable business that doesn’t own them. A business that creates balance, health and profits in harmony, as natural as an acorn develops into an oak tree.” 

WK: What services do you provide?

MH: At Strategic Landscaper, we offer business development resources for landscape professionals:

WK: Why do you think a partnership between the Landscape Writer & the Strategic Landscaper will benefit the landscape/lawn care/outdoor living/green industry business sector?

MH: In today’s day and age in business it’s all about SPECIALIZATION and the application of specialized knowledge to grow your business. Both the Landscape Writer and Strategic Landscaper specialize in the Green Industry and offer a one-of-a-kind services for landscape professionals. These unique services allow landscape professionals to receive more value for their investment, learn new and innovative strategies specific to their industry and attract the right customer for their business.

WK: Why should the owner/operator choose us over a generalist website developer and content writer?

MH: Specialization. We understand both the needs and wants of the landscape professional and more importantly the needs and wants of their target market/clients so we can produce products and services to attract the right customer for their business.

WK: How do you envision the collaboration of services for now and in the future?

MH: I see Strategic Landscaper and the Landscape Writer working as strategic partners who will share resources, ideas and leads that will mutually benefit each other. I believe our commitment to excellence and professionalism will allow us to be known as the go to team for professional copywriting and business development, services and strategies for landscape professionals.

WK: How does an owner/operator get in touch with you, the Strategic Landscaper?

WK: How does he/she arrange to use both your website/SEO services and the Landscape Writer’s writing services?

MH: Contact for a consultation and once we identify your needs we will submit a proposal for services, timeline and pricing.



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