Let Your Landscaping Blog Guide Your Social Media in 2017

Let Your Landscaping Blog Guide Your Social Media in 2017

Let Your Landscaping Blog Connect with Your Social Media

Do you feel overwhelmed by social media? Do you struggle to come up with a post that will bring more people to you rather than your competitor’s Facebook site?

If you’re stuck with what to post on social media…

If you own a landscaping business and you’re new to blog creation and social media content, you may not realize the tie between the two mediums.

Yet, marrying social media and blog content will save you time—and possibly money. Here’s how…

  • One monthly blog provides you with 4 – 6 posts for social media content
  • Two blogs per month provides you with 8 -12 posts for social media content
  • Three blogs per month gives you 12 -18 social media posts
  • Four blogs per month gives you 16 – 24 social media posts.

How can you use your blog to guide your social media content? It’s easy—you take the important points of your blog and post them on your favorite social media channels—Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

But you need to keep these two things in mind:

  1. This will only work if it’s on social media platforms where your ideal customers hang out. For some landscape companies, it’s Facebook and Pinterest. For others, it’s Twitter and LinkedIn. Connect with me on Facebook!
  2. After you find where your ideal customers hang out on social media, you need to tailor your social media messages to fit that audience. For example, you can’t simply copy and paste your four main points from your grub blog directly into Facebook. Instead, you need to rewrite them to meet the way people “talk” on Facebook. And you don’t just have to work with words either. Instead, come up with posts that include video, such as taking your readers live on a site to look to a lawn with grub damage. You can even take your commercial clients outside to your parking lot to look for possible risks associated with snow removal.


And don’t forget to post before and after landscape construction or lawn maintenance pictures up on Houzz to bring your followers over to your website.

Benefits of marrying your blog to your social media

There are a lot of benefits to connecting your blog to your social media platforms. Here are the top five:

  1. You save time—You no longer need to stare at your FB message box and wonder what to put in it.
  2. You stay top of mind with your prospects and customers—When you post a key point and a link back to your blog, you stay top of mind with your current audience, and you’ll direct new people to your website.
  3. You stay consistent—You probably heard that your “brand message” needs to stay consistent across all of your marketing communications. For example, you probably have a logo that can be found on your company’s uniforms, trucks and website. The same goes for your social media and blogs. Keep the same message coming across all of your online marketing tools too. Learn more about building your lawn and landscape brand with this guide from Hub Spot.
  4.  You build your trustworthiness—It has been said that online marketing is all about building “Know, Like and Trust.” By consistently sharing the same message across your website, blog and social media, you’re building your KLT. Read how this expert uses KLT on LinkedIn.
  5. You position yourself as the leading expert in your local region—Remember, you need to stand out from your competition. And the best way to do that is effectively using the above techniques. Plus, adding specific cities to your social media content, just like you do for your web copy and blogs, further increases your ability to reach more people in your specific locale.

As you develop your landscape company’s online presence, remember to bring together your blogs and social media. Keep it consistent, stay top of mind and build your lawn and landscape expertise for homeowners who’re looking for it.

How have you used your blog to help develop your social media presence?

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