Lawn Pros Continue Business as Usual Among COVID-19 Pandemic

Lawn Pros Continue Business as Usual Among COVID-19 Pandemic

By: Jeremy Yamaguchi | May 12th, 2020

According to our surveyed Lawn Pros, 90% are continuing to work and operate as usual while taking some additional safety precautions. Less than 10% reported that they have either slowed down or stopped operations altogether. 

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We’ve recently seen a huge increase in the number of Lawn Pros applying to work with us, as more people are turning to gig work, such as on-demand lawn care.

Many other home services have seen a rapid decline in business as a result of new social distancing guidelines. The lawn care industry, however, has been largely unaffected by the recent COVID-19 pandemic. According to the Department of Homeland Security, lawn care service providers are categorized as essential, critical infrastructure workers.

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Lawn Love’s services are managed remotely from a smartphone or computer, making it easier to adhere to social distancing guidelines. The platform remotely generates an estimate for services using proprietary satellite imaging technology. Homeowners can get a quote, schedule services, and pay remotely, all through the app.

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We have removed any of the face-to-face interaction that is typically required between a traditional lawn care provider and homeowner when providing estimates or picking up payments.

As unemployment continues to rise, Lawn Love expects to see more providers applying to work on their platform. If you have lawn care experience, there’s lots of high paying work available on our platform. We’re focused on helping our lawn care partners stay safe and continue providing for their families by providing a critical service in our communities.

Lawn Pros can apply to work with Lawn Love at Providers must have at least one year of professional lawn care experience, their own equipment, and a truck. 

For more information on how COVID-19 affects lawn care, go to:

Lawn Love is a modern, tech-driven lawn care marketplace. Customers get instant satellite quotes and can coordinate their service from the convenience of a smartphone or web browser. Lawn care professionals get access to new customers, along with advanced software tools to help them better operate and grow their businesses. 

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