Get Ahead in Green: The Benefits of Hiring a Business Blog Content Creator

Get Ahead in Green: The Benefits of Hiring a Business Blog Content Creator

Don’t underestimate the power of good content writing if you’re running a lawn care and landscaping business. It’s not just about filling up your web pages; it’s a strategic tool to boost your business when you hire a business blog content creator.

Well-written content improves your site’s SEO, making you more visible on search engines and more accessible for potential customers to find you.

And if you add internal links to other blog posts similar to the topic you’re writing about, your audience will stay on your website longer. You also build credibility and expertise when readers click on those links.

The trust you build through your content turns visitors into buyers.

For the past 10 years, I have provided affordable business blogging services to many businesses, mostly lawn care and landscaping companies. But I have also written blogs, landing pages, and website content for digital marketing companies on adaptive kitchens, agritourism, bathroom installation, golf, and RV roof repair.

SEO and targeted keywords, including local SEO, have been essential to my writing process at The Landscape Writer.

The Impact of Content Writing on Lawn and Landscaping Businesses

If you’re a landscaping company serving your local area, you need content that builds your brand’s voice. Content isn’t limited to blogs, either. Indeed, videos, social media, and the content on your web pages help to define your company’s unique voice—your brand.

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Also, you want a business blog content creator who understands SEO, including local SEO, that helps you get on Google’s map. Keywords, including regional cities you serve, draw the right people to your contact page.

For example, one of my customers, Melanie from Jamison Lawn Care, says,

“The Landscape Writer has helped our existing and new clients better understand the importance of caring for their landscaping on a regular basis. Her writing is professional and easy to understand. The Landscape Writer has helped our company expand into local service areas by using SEO town names.”

Professional content writing keeps your clients returning to your blogs, especially when internal links are created to guide them to other related content. Plus, you can add links to blogs in your newsletters and different ways you digitally communicate with your customer base.

When you keep your customers connected, they’ll be up-to-date with your latest lawn care and landscaping services.

For example, it’s fall right now. So you can focus on the fall lawn care and landscaping services you provide, including winter fertilizing, fall clean-ups, cleaning out flower beds, and closing down water sprinkler systems.

Content Writing Strategies for Lawn Care and Landscaping Companies

You still need to be online if you have a small to mid-size lawn care and landscaping business.

You may not be able to afford a digital marketing company immediately. Still, you can hire a business blogger to help you with blogs, SEO, social media, and other online marketing tasks.

Here are four main areas where a business blog content creator can help you:

  1. Targeting the right audience

You must target the right audience to encourage readers to visit your blog. Who are the people contacting you for your services? Are they senior adults? Young married couples, two career families?

Next, you need to know their demographics. Are they DIY’ers? Are they so busy with work and family that they don’t have time to care for their properties? Do they live in HOAs or own large properties far from a city?

What are their property pain points? Is it weed control, lawn diseases, drought, or maintaining a wooded property?

Think about who your typical customer is and pinpoint where their needs are when it comes to their lawns and landscapes.

2. Crafting compelling narratives

Next, you need blog content that interests readers and connects them to you. Address their concerns with empathy. A woman may be frustrated that she doesn’t have time to mulch her flowerbeds or figure out why her turfgrass isn’t growing.

    Many folks with cool season grasses continue to mow their lawns when there is no rain in the forecast, and their turfgrass has gone dormant. A July blog may focus on why your readers can give their mowers a rest when their lawns go dormant.

    If you don’t have time or the idea of writing emotionally gives you the willies, you need to hire a business blogger who can present facts with gentleness and hope.

    3. Posting social media and blog content

    Many lawn and landscaping companies post content to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and X (formerly Twitter) to attract more leads to their website.

    Reach a wider audience in your service area through social media by putting up posts and threads inviting readers to click on your blog’s link.

    Your blog and social media establish you as a local expert. You build trust and attract more clients by sharing tips, project highlights (with before and after photos), and customer testimonials.

    4. Measuring success with metrics

    You can get detailed with how well your content marketing is doing through Google Analytics. You can also check your stats if you have a WordPress blog.

    Google Analytics will show you the number of people who visited your website, how long they stayed on your site (the bounce rate), and what content they viewed (blogs, web pages, or filling out a landing page).

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    According to a HubSpot article, these are the most critical metrics for measuring your content marketing’s ROI:

    • What’s driving the traffic to your website? How are people finding you?
    • What’s your website’s click-through rate? Are your readers turning into customers?
    • How good is your content? Are people reading it and sharing it with others?
    • Are folks signing up for your email communications or a landing page? Are people confident in sharing their contact information with you?
    • What’s your bounce rate? How long do people stay on your website? If your bounce rate is high, find out what’s causing it, such as your website is slow to load.

    Client Feedback on The Landscape Writer

    When hiring a business blog content creator, you want to be sure that person will deliver what they promised. You also want to see results in lower bounce rates, new audience members, and readers taking the next step and filling out your contact form.

    I contacted three clients to hear how my B2B blog writing services benefitted their green industry companies. I mentioned Melanie from Jamison Lawn Care above. Here are two more clients sharing their comments:

    Emily from K-Rain says,

    “Your blog writing has enabled K-Rain to reach new customers that we had not reached before. K-Rain is a growing brand with little brand recognition. We have expanded into more homeowner stores, like Home Depot and Lowe’s, and it’s imperative we increase our brand recognition to move the product off the shelves.

    “The blog content has attracted almost 90K new users in the last year. They engage in the content for almost a minute and have a low bounce rate. Increasing the new visitor audience is important and aids us in our remarketing efforts.”

    One of my clients wished to remain anonymous but shared this testimonial with me,

    “Wendy Komancheck, The Landscape Writer, became an asset to my marketing management consulting firm last year and has delivered with excellence since we started working together.

    “I assign and work with her to develop SEO-optimized blogs for my landscaping industry clients. It’s been an absolute win all around bringing her on; the process is smooth and consistent, my clients are happier, the articles are getting a broader range of marketing use, the local Chamber of Commerce started posting our articles monthly in their magazine, and retention rates have improved on e-newsletters.

    “She does a good job utilizing the provided keywords to collaborate with all other brand SEO and marketing efforts on my end. By bringing Wendy on, we gained a higher quality product, more range of use for that product, local recognition, and happier clients.”

    ~A Marketing Management Consultant

    Hire a Business Blog Content Creator for All of Your Digital Content Marketing Needs

    Don’t overlook the impact of professional content writing for your lawn and landscaping business. It’s more than just words on a page; it’s a game changer.

    The bottom line? Effective content builds trust and converts visitors into buyers. Trust the process and see the results for yourself.

    If you want to boost your visibility on search engines and keep visitors engaged on your site, get your free consultation today.

    Source:, 7 Content Marketing Metrics to Consider for Continued Success.

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