7 Tips to Get More Landscaping Customers

7 Tips to Get More Landscaping Customers

You want customers—that’s the purpose of a landscaping business. But how do you find those leads to grow your green industry company?

You start with the right tools and strategies to get new customers to find you. The following tips for getting more landscaping customers will kickstart how to get more sales prospects to call you.

7 Tips That Will Bring More Sales Prospects to Your Door

These tips will give you the best start to introducing the public to your landscaping business–whether you’re just starting out or have been in business for years.

Develop an SEO and content marketing strategy: This is the first order of business if you want to get more clients. Ensure that your website, blogs, landing pages, and videos have the keywords for people to find you, including local SEO. For example, “landscaping near me” is a good place to start.

    Put your green industry company on Google’s free business profile: Help your sales prospects find you when you list your business on Google’s business profile. When someone plugs in “Lawn care services near me” on Google, your name should be on the list with a map, directions, and a link to your website.

    Keep marketing during your off-season: Just because you’ve cleaned, maintained, and stored your mowers for the winter doesn’t mean you should stop marketing. You can use your blog and newsletters to keep you top of mind with your prospects and current clients. Some fall and winter blog ideas include:

    • Planning for your spring landscaping project
    • A list of the best snow blowers and other ideas for residential snow and ice removal
    • Birdwatching and feeding birds in your backyard
    • General industry blogs, such as “How a Professional Lawn Maintenance Service Helps Your Lawn Stay Healthy and Green All Summer Long”
    • If you have an off-season business pushing snow or putting up holiday décor, dedicate some blogs in October through January to these services
    • For newsletters: Share off-season photos, news from your office, and ideas for outdoor rooms and landscape design/build for the spring.

    Build relationships with your customers. Get to know your clients and their property pain points. While you may want to emphasize certain topics, ensure these are the same issues your landscaping clients deal with in their lawns, landscapes, and outdoor living spaces.

    Relationships take time—so view it as an investment. On a practical level, building relationships with your customers will save you money. According to ElmStreet Outbound Engine, upselling your business services is easier than gaining a new customer.

    The article says that selling to a new customer can reap up to 20% selling success, whereas selling to an existing customer succeeds up to 60%-70% of the time. For example, you can upsell your lawn and landscaping services to existing clients and see more sales.

    Keep your website up-to-date: When starting out, look for free website builders, such as Weebly, Wix, or Squarespace, to launch your web presence. Remember that your landscaping business will evolve, and you’ll eventually need to upgrade to paying someone to build and manage your website.

    Always have a CTA: Make it easy for your prospects to take the next step. A call to action (CTA) directs website visitors to take the next step to contact your lawn and landscape services. A phone number, a link taking the customers to a contact page, or an email address all help potential customers set up an appointment with you. In return, you can give something to them, such as a free estimate of their property.

     Read 5 reasons why your website pages and blogs need CTAs.

    Get those referrals: Finally, when someone thanks you for doing a good job, make sure that you ask permission to add that mini-testimonial to your website. Testimonials build trust and credibility with your landscaping business.

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