7 Tips to Get More Landscaping Customers

7 Tips to Get More Landscaping Customers

You want customers—that’s the whole purpose of having a landscaping business. However, it’s tough to figure out the best way of reaching the type of clientele that you love.

7 Tips to Get More Landscaping Clients

Here are seven tips for you to do that will bring more sales prospects to your door:

  1. Join Angie’s List: Angie’s List has been around for a long time, and it’s effective in garnering new clients. Here are some of the benefits you receive when you partner with Angie’s List:
  • It’s an affordable avenue to advertising.
  • Angie’s List has been around for 17 years—so it’s a trusted source for people looking for home services.
  • Service seekers trust the reviews and feedback—a bonus for you if you’re getting positive reviews from your customers.
  • You can beat out your competition when service seekers choose you over them.
  • You can respond to both positive and negative feedback. You can adjust your services to meet your customers’ needs better.
  • When you get consistently high rankings from satisfied customers, you can advertise and offer promotions on Angie’s List.

2. Put your green industry company on Bing and Google’s local listing pages: Help your sales prospects find you when you list your business on Bing and Google’s local listings. When someone plugs in “Lawn care services near me,” on Bing or Google, your name should be on the list with a map, directions and a link to your website.

3. Keep marketing during your off-season: Just because you’ve cleaned, maintained and stored your mowers for the winter, doesn’t mean you should stop marketing. You can use your blog and newsletters to keep you top of mind with your prospects as well as your current clients. Some fall and winter blog ideas include:

  • Planning for your spring landscaping project
  • A list of the best snow blowers and other ideas for residential snow and ice removal
  • Birdwatching and feeding birds in your backyard
  • General industry blogs, such as “How a Professional Lawn Maintenance Service Helps Your Lawn Stay Healthy and Green All Summer Long”
  • If you have an off-season business pushing snow or putting up holiday décor, dedicate some blogs in October through January on these services
  • For newsletters: Share off-season pics and news from your office as well as ideas for outdoor rooms and landscape design/build for the spring.

4. Developing relationships a priority: When you get to know your lawn and landscape clients, you’re building relationships with your customers. You also create loyalty with them when you get to know them and listen to their property problems. Relationships take time—so view it as an investment. On a practical level, building relationships with your customers will save you money. You lose up to 630% in profits when a client leaves you for the competition.

5. Keep your website up-to-date: If you don’t have a website, make that a number one priority. Today, folks looking for a lawn and landscape business go to the Internet first. That’s why local listings and marketing during the off-season are so important.

I understand the desire to go free or low cost, but there comes a time in your business when you need to hire a web designer to create an eye-catching website. Make sure your website is easy to use and updated with clear, concise writing.

How’s your website’s “know, like and trust?”

6. Always have a CTA: Make it super easy for your prospects to take the next step. A call to action (CTA) directs website visitors to take the next step to contact your lawn and landscape services. A phone number, a link taking the customers to a contact page or an email address all help your potential customers take the next step of setting up an appointment with you. In return, you can give something to them, such as a free estimate of their property.

 Read 5 reasons why your website pages and blogs need CTAs.

7. Get those referrals: Finally, when someone thanks you for doing a good job, make sure that you ask permission to add that mini-testimonial to your website. Testimonials build trust and credibility with your green industry business.

How the Landscape Writer Can Help You Get More Landscaping Customers

While it’s your responsibility to get on Angie’s List as well as sign your business up on Bing and Google’s local listings, I can help you with website copy, blogs and newsletters. I can also help you write a compelling CTA.

According to a Stanford University study, 75% of people judge a company based on its website design.

I know growing a company is a slow process, and I respect you for being conservative with your marketing dollars.

But as soon as your budget allows, make sure you hire a reputable website designer to create a site that will make you look better than your competition.

In the meantime, if you’re ready to add a blog, a CTA, a monthly newsletter or if you need website copy, call me today at 717-381-6719 or fill out my free consultation form.

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