Are You Afraid of Ghosts Haunting Your Lawn Care or Landscape Blog?

5 Benefits for Hiring a Ghostblogger for Your Business

Are you afraid of ghosts? What about ghosts blogging for your lawn care or landscape business?

As you probably guessed, ghostbloggers aren’t spirit-beings who write in their spare time about the green industry. Instead, they’re writers who write under their clients’ names.

This is how it works with a ghostblogger or ghostwriter: You pay them to write for you. Then you post the blog under your own name.

Is this ethical?

You bet. We ghostbloggers know that we’re not going to have our name on your content. And that’s okay with us.

Basically, you’re marrying the subject matter experts within your company with a ghost’s writing skills. You and your team share your collected expertise that a ghostblogger puts into a post for your target audience.

Last week, Linda Dessau published “Don’t Get Spooked: Ghostbloggers Can Fuel Your Company Blog,” in Content Marketing Institute’s e-newsletter. In her article, Dessau explains why hiring a ghostblogger is ethical and the best decision for your company’s blog. To read more, go to to learn about the ethics of hiring a ghostblogger…

I’m here to show you how hiring a ghostblogger will benefit you, the lawn care, landscape or garden business owner. Here are five benefits to hiring a ghostwriter to glean your team’s collective knowledge and put it into blogs, case studies, and other types of web content. A ghostblogger will

  1. Make your life easier. Think about it. You’re inspired to write a few blogs during your slow months of January and February. But as soon as the ground thaws and your phone rings, you abandon your blogging efforts.
  2. Help your website grow. Granted, there’s no way to guarantee results. But if you instruct your ghost to include keyphrases and your local region within your blog content, you should be getting results from them. Remember to think about your customers’ needs first. You may need to ask your web designer for a list of keyphrases that people in your area are plugging into search engines to find you. Then, give a copy of that list to your writer. He/she should be able to take those keyphrases and incorporate them into your blogs to attract more visitors.
  3. Launch you as a thought leader in your region’s lawn service and landscape industry. One of your ROIs is to position yourself as an expert in your field. That way, your prospects and clients will trust you and come to you first with their lawn care or landscape problems.
  4. Bring more prospects to you. This is the ultimate goal of all Internet marketing—to bring more people to your door and move them through the sales funnel to become paying, repeat clients. While blogging and social media are considered passive marketing, they do work if they’re done right. For you to find success in content marketing, you need to have the right people to help you: a good web designer or Internet marketing agency as well as a competent ghostblogger.
  5. Take your employees’ subject matter expertise to your audience. Do you have a landscape designer on your team who specializes in 3D design, but doesn’t have the time to write about it? Or does your lawn service manager really know his stuff, but hates to put it down on paper? Your problem is solved when you hire a ghostblogger for your lawn care or landscape design company. Your ghostblogger can interview these experts and transform their knowledge into readable chunks that your followers and prospects can digest.

Do you want to learn more about how a ghostblogger (also known as a content writer) can benefit your lawn care, landscape, or garden business? Then, visit my website at or email me at



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