How Are Your Content Marketing Efforts Coming Along?

How are your content marketing goals coming along?

Now is a good time to take a mid-year inventory on them. If you started blogging on your lawn care/landscape/casual living website back in February, are you still putting up fresh content?

If you’re not, don’t throw in the towel. Content marketing, like many other things, is not an “all or nothing” venture. Some marketing folks may lead you to believe that, but I think you can pick up your momentum where you left off. Just make a new goal to be more consistent for the rest of 2014 even if you’re only posting new blog content once a month.

When you have some downtime, take a quick peek at your analytics or have your Web developer download them for you. Ask him or her to explain how your website is doing, what blogs got the most interest, and take a look at the traffic data. Ask your Internet marketer to tell you what keywords get the most hits and which blogs get the most traffic. This data will help you in planning your future blog content as well as getting to know what prospects like best when they come to your website.

It’s also a good idea to ask your new clients if they found you through your blogs, videos, or other content from your website. This information will help you decide if you need to amend your digital marketing plan for the rest of the year.

Video Scripts

Written content is still an important factor to your website and blogs. But video blogs are gaining more popularity. And for good reason. It takes less time to watch a video than it does to read a long blog post.

Matter of fact, I’ve started writing video scripts for clients who want to add voiceovers to their uploaded videos. You may want to consider taking some video with your iPhone before the end of the season. Just remember to get permission (preferably in writing) from the homeowner.

Remember: Each day is a new day to get your website content, including your blogs, YouTube videos and newsletters out to your prospects and clients. Don’t allow a momentary lull to cause you to quit posting or uploading.

Have you fallen behind in your digital marketing efforts? What do you plan to do to get back on track for the second half of 2014?


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