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What Your Clients Need to Know about Smart Irrigation Month


July is Smart Irrigation Month. You can use Smart Irrigation Month to draw more eyeballs to your lawn care and landscape company’s website. You do this by educating your prospects on how the importance of water conservation and how an irrigation system help them conserve water.

To start, think about these two questions:

  • What do your prospects need to know about smart water practices in your region?
  • Why should they care about smart water practices and Smart Irrigation Month?
  • What do your prospects need to know about an irrigation system’s installation and maintenance?

You can, of course, look at the keyphrases that people are plugging into search engines to find your irrigation system services to further brainstorm blog ideas. And if you don’t offer irrigation set up and maintenance, you can still educate your clients on smart water practices through your blog.

Why invest in an irrigation system?

Before you start your sales pitch, what I refer to as a call to action, make sure that you first tell your clients and prospects why they should consider installing an irrigation system in their yard. Your blog goals should prioritize educating your clients in order to earn their trust—not necessarily to make a sale. They can act on your call to action at the end of your blog to continue down the sales funnel.

Installing an irrigation system is a big investment for any home. Here are some thoughts to consider to ease your prospects potential fears:

  1. How does an irrigation system help them save money on their utility bills over the long run?
  2. If they live in an area where there are water restrictions, how will an irrigation system help them keep their lawns and landscapes alive while following their municipality’s water restrictions?
  3. Use Smart Irrigation Month’s “Smart Practices. Smart Technology. Smart Business.” ideas.
  4. Don’t forget infographics and pictures. Both the Irrigation Association and the National Association of Landscape Professionals have free pictures for you to download to put on your blog or even your website.
  5. Don’t forget your call to action. At the end of your blogs, don’t forget a call to action, including a link to your contact page as well as your phone number. You want to make it super easy for people to contact you—that’s how you start to move them through the sales funnel.

If you provide irrigation sales and service, brainstorm with your sales team what people are looking for, what questions they’re asking, and what problems they’re dealing with when it comes to keeping their lawns and landscapes alive and green while trying to conserve water.

To find this type of information, your first stop should be the Irrigation Association’s Smart Irrigation Month. Smart Irrigation Month is also found under “Resources” on the Irrigation Association’s website,

Under “Consumer Resources,” the association provides five simple strategies that you can incorporate into your blogs, such as

  • Plant right
  • Invest in an irrigation system
  • Water wisely
  • Maintain and upgrade your system
  • Work with an irrigation professional.

Please note that if you just copy and paste each of these resource pages into your own blog, your Google rankings will go down. Use the above resources to get your mind ticking and to help you form your blog strategy on what consumers are looking for when it comes to smart water practices and irrigation systems.

Do you need more blog ideas for National Irrigation Month? Then email me at or call me at 717-381-6719 for more information.



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