5 Blog Ideas to Use for National Lawn Care Month

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April is National Lawn Care Month. How are you going to blog about it?

Here’s an idea: Use National Lawn Care Month to tell your local audience about your lawn or landscape company’s products and services.


Through your blog, of course!

This is the time of year when you should utilize your blog to tell the world—or at least your local audience—what you do as a lawn service provider or a landscape company; why you do it; how lawn care and landscapes benefit the homeowner; and how the lawn and landscape industry will not bring the end of the world as we know it (in other words, the lawn and landscape industry benefits the environment and local ecosystems rather than poisoning it with too much fertilizer or pesticide use).

Let’s break this down. Here are five blog ideas to use for National Lawn Care Month:

  1. Tell your audience what you do. You own a lawn care or landscape business. Imagine your prospect reading your blog right now. Tell your readers why a healthy lawn is preferred over a perfectly manicured lawn. List the benefits of a healthy lawn, and explain how you can help them achieve it.
    Remember to avoid using any jargon that you and others in your industry would understand, but your readers may be confused by. In other words, keep it simple because your readers only want the basic facts.
  1. Tell your audience why a healthy lawn and a well-maintained landscape should be important to them. Explain it in layman’s terms why healthy lawns benefit the local eco-system. Explain why a retaining wall will keep their soil from eroding down an embankment. Explain why you perform a soil test on their property before you put any fertilizers on it.
  1. Explain the value of curb appeal. This is where you describe how beautiful lawns and landscapes raise property values. And tell your clients how you will make their properties look fantastic for the summer season. Remind them that they can sign up for landscape maintenance services from March through November to keep their landscape looking fresh and beautiful.
  1. Go to National Association of Landscape Professionals’ website to download information to share with your readers (http://goo.gl/LycNHc). The National Association of Landscape Professionals (formerly PLANET) offers promotional materials that you can download to include in your blog as well as on your other social media channels. Use these free materials to get your blogging juices flowing or to back up your services.
  1. Make it timely. Don’t wait until April 1st to start blogging about National Lawn Care Month. Instead, start blogging now. You can write blogs about the history of lawns and how the industry has evolved since the first lawn care business opened in the U.S. You can also use other teasers such as a contest about lawn care or landscape facts. The winners could win a 10% coupon off their next mow or they could win a free flat of annuals. Keep putting out teasers so they continue to read your blogs about National Lawn Care Month and why you’re the right lawn care or landscape service to call for all of their property maintenance needs.

Do you want more marketing ideas to use during National Lawn Care Month? Then, go to my friends over at GoiTalk for more information, http://goo.gl/LBxq5r.

If you need help with your lawn or landscape website’s blog during National Lawn Care Month, email me at wendy@landscapewriter.com or call me at 717-381-6719 ET.

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