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Making This Landscape Writer Better for You

It’s past time to revamp and redesign the Landscape Writer’s website. And I’ve decided to outsource my web design needs to Red X web design ( located in Manheim, Pa. They’re a web design company in my region, and they specialize in WordPress design which is the platform I use.

Why Did I Decide to Revamp & Redesign?

To be honest, I started getting so busy with landscape and lawn care clients, that I didn’t have time to figure out my own web design anymore. Then, Google had their April 21st mandatory deadline for all web sites to be mobile-friendly.

Granted, I already updated my site to be mobile-friendly nearly a year ago. But I changed WordPress designs and just couldn’t figure out the best graphics to match what I do.

Since I’m a committed blogger to lawn and landscape companies, I started reading more about professional blogging instead of general content marketing. And in one of the e-books that I bought, I found out about Peek ( which tested my website from a user’s perspective.

Wow! Was that eye-opening!

A real, live person actually went on my website to give me feedback. I had two tests done and the users found that I needed to make my font consistent, add graphics, and make my navigating easier for the reader. At that moment, I knew that I made the right decision to hire a web designer.

How Will This Redesign Benefit YOU?

I have four goals to make this redesign beneficial to you, lawn care, landscape and outdoor living companies:

  1. To make the site easier to navigate.
  2. To make the site neater and more professional.
  3. To give you more up-to-date Internet marketing ideas and news.
  4. To give you a place to evaluate whether my blogging and other marketing communication services will benefit you and your Internet marketing needs.

I’m hoping that my new site will be up and running by the end of June (maybe even sooner)! As you know, there is a lot of work and time that goes into a website launch. So please bear with my website team as we get the revamped and redesigned Landscape Writer up and running.

Are you confused about Internet marketing, web design and blogging? Do you want to learn more about how these services can help your lawn care, landscape, gardening, or outdoor living company grow? Then email me your questions at

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