Are You Telling Your Clients About Your Fall Services?


Summer is slowly coming to an end. And you’re probably getting calls for fall lawn and landscape services. Right?

If not, it’s time that you let your audience—both paying clients and prospects—know about the fall maintenance services you offer.

Everyday folks may not realize that it’s time to schedule their core aeration and overseeding appointments now. They’re busy and they’re relying on you to direct them to what their property needs and when it needs to be done by.

And you can educate them on their fall lawn and landscape maintenance schedule through your blogs, e-newsletters and e-blasts. Sweeten the deal by offering a 10% discount if they call by a certain date.

Don’t forget to recycle your content. You may think that you need a newsletter article and a separate blog post. But repurpose your fall blog posts as your lead article in your monthly newsletter. Your clients may not be reading your blog—and if they have, it just serves as a reminder for them to give you a call. Use parts from your blog posts in e-blasts where you tell them that now’s the time to schedule their fall lawn and landscape maintenance appointments now.

Possible Blog Topics

I know it’s easier said than done to recommend what you should be blogging and when. To make your marketing planning easier, here are 11 possible blog topics that can be repurposed as newsletter and e-blast content:

  1. Core aeration and overseeding – Explain the process and why fall’s the best time to complete this lawn maintenance job.
  2. Dethatching – Folks may not realize that their lawns need to be de-thatched. Explain what thatch is and how your crews get rid of it. Add the benefits of dethatching too.
  3. Transplanting trees, shrubs and perennials – Why is fall a good time to transplant? What’s your process when it comes to transplanting? How can transplanting benefit your client’s landscape?
  4. Fall mowing – Explain that your mowing services go until the first frost. And explain why mowing to the end of the season is important to preventing snow molds developing over the winter.
  5. Fall mulching – Remind your clients that now is the time to schedule their fall mulching appointments. Again, explain the benefits of fall mulching beyond aesthetics.
  6. Last minute hardscaping projects – If you design and build hardscapes, remind your clients and prospects that your company can still build their dreamscape until the ground freezes. Give suggestions, such as an additional patio, a new driveway or an outdoor kitchen.
  7. Fire feature addition – You can discuss how a fire feature, such as a fireplace or a fire pit, is a feature that your clients may want on their property. Remind your audience that they’ll be able to enjoy the outdoors as long as they want when they add a fire feature to their outdoor living area. Total Landscape Care has a great article on fire features.
  8. Fall tree planting – Discuss why the fall is the best time to plant trees. Discuss tree selection, the planting process and how to take care of young trees.
  9. Fall maintenance for irrigation systems – Remind your clients that you can inspect, clean and close down their irrigation systems in the fall. Do you offer a fall maintenance special? Add that to the end of your blog.
  10. Evergreen protection – Do you spray evergreens with a desiccant to protect them from harsh winter winds? Then describe what a desiccant spray is and why it’s a good investment for your client’s evergreens.
  11. Protecting landscapes from deer – Discuss the different options that clients and prospects have to protecting their landscape plants from hungry deer during the winter months. Do you install fences or know the best deer-resistant trees and shrubs available? Discuss the pros and cons of all the deer-resistant services that you provide and why your audience should consider them.

Of course this list isn’t exhaustive. And if you’ve been blogging for over a year, it may be time to discover new topics that will pique your audience’s interest.

Now your turn. Have you blogged about the above? How has it helped you attract more business in the fall? Share your comments below or email me at


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