7 Ways I Can Help YOU with SEO & Content Marketing


Attention lawn care & landscape business owners: We’re winding down toward the end of 2015. And it’s time to think about your 2016 content marketing plans for your lawn & landscape website. Two of your 2016 goals should be a great website and a commitment to regularly communicate with your clients.

Some Stats

Yodle, an online marketing firm, conducted a survey of customer opinions on local businesses. In their results, Yodle laid out what customers think of their local lawn & landscape companies:

  • 53% of consumers surveyed would like their local landscape companies to improve their websites.
  • 63% of local landscape clients want to hear from their landscape company through email and social media.
  • In this communication, they’d like to see appointment reminders; your lawn and landscape services; lawn and landscape advice; and helpful lawn and landscape tips.
  • Many folks would like to read online reviews about you before they hire you.
  • 36% of consumers believe online reviews give you a competitive edge.
  • 40% of consumers expect your business to have online reviews.
  • Only 7% of landscape consumers have been asked to give an online review.
  • 89% of respondents want to give an online review when they’re pleased with your work.

How a Copywriter Can Help You

Granted, I can’t help you with online reviews. But I can help you better communicate with your clients.


Here are seven ways I can help you keep in touch with your clients through content marketing:

  1. As a copywriter, I can write and/or edit your website content to make it more consumer-friendly. Also, I partner with other content marketing professionals, including a website designer, who can help make your website modern and mobile.
  2. I communicate your company’s brand throughout all your content marketing channels.
  3. I tastefully add SEO into your written communications, including your blogs and website content, to make you sound authentic and an expert in your industry.
  4. As a copywriter, I can write your newsletters, sales letters, blogs, website content, press releases and any other written communication you need.
  5. I can write lawn and landscape tips and advice that you may want on an FAQ page and/or in a blog or newsletter.
  6. Since you serve a specific region, I’ll add your target cities, counties, and townships into your content communications to reach your audience.
  7. I can help you with your social media. While I don’t post updates or tweets for clients, I can give you some guidance on social media outlets and what type of content you should be posting. And I also have another contact who specializes in social media marketing.

For 2016, commit to better communications with your customers (and prospects) through an improved lawn and landscape website as well as regular posts through social media (think blogs, Facebook, and Instagram). Your customers will be glad you did—and that will show through their loyalty to your company.

Do you need a copywriter to help you communicate with your client base? Call or text me at 717-381-6719 (ET); email me at wendy@landscapewriter.com or fill out my  consultation form.



Total Landscape Care.com. “Survey: Landscaping Customers Prefer Contact via Email,” http://www.totallandscapecare.com/email-your-customers/.





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