3 Things a Copywriter Can Do for You

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First published on LinkedIn on October 20, 2015

Updated on November 11, 2015

A few weeks ago, I was featured in a podcast with Matt Hudson, owner of Strategic Landscaper. Toward the end of that podcast, I mentioned that hiring a copywriter might not be as expensive as you may think.

Here is an updated article that I wrote about the three things you can expect from a copywriter (also known as content writer, marketing writer, freelance writer, among other titles). I’ve rearranged it a bit to reflect the three things a copywriter can do for you:

1.Getting to Know You: In this point, I focus on who your ideal client is as well as who you are as a brand. Since I specialize in the lawn care and landscape industries, my questions point to that niche:

  • Who is your ideal client?
  • What type of people do you serve (upper class, upper middle class, commercial, residential, HOA)?
  • What climate and growing zone do your clients live in?
  • What’s your business’s cycle? I can say that all of my clients are busy from early spring through late fall. But every business is different. When is your busiest time of year?
  • What does your business do? Sell products? Offer services? What niche do you belong in?
  • What makes your business stand out from the crowd?
  • How often do you want to publish a blog, newsletter, or both? What other content marketing do you do? Video? Podcasts? Webinars? How can we make all of your content marketing outlets come together to portray cohesiveness?
  • Do you need sales letters? Brochures? Ad copy? Blogs, case studies, or white papers? Whatever combination you choose, make sure that it tells a consistent company story. And a copywriter can do that for you.

2. The editorial calendar: You’re probably thinking, the editorial what? But the editorial calendar is essential for a streamlined relationship with your copywriter. While an editorial calendar doesn’t need to be formal, it should be at least quarterly with a commitment to meet again to plan the subsequent quarters of the year. Like I asked in question four, when’s the busiest time of year for your business? An editorial calendar will ensure that your blogs, newsletter articles and other content marketing materials will continue to be created and delivered on time—no matter how busy you become.

3. Form a partnership: Your copywriter works in partnership with you. And she works hard to tell your company’s story—including what you can do for your clientele. Be open to talking with her—trusting her enough to answer her questions so she can make your copy shine and bring more prospects to your door.

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