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I love working as a ghostblogger! I love helping lawn and landscape businesses improve their SEO, letting their local communities know about their green services and solving their clients’ problems.

Like I’ve said before, marketing your website so that more people come to it, read your expertise and then, click onto your “Request a Quote” form are vital marketing jobs that need to be done to get more prospects to your virtual door.

How do ghostblogging services benefit YOU?

For nearly two years, I’ve been blogging about how Internet marketing, ghostblogging, and well-written web content draws more eyes to your website. If you’re still not sure if you want to hire a ghostblogger, consider these five ways that ghostblogging services will help your lawn and landscape business grow:

  1. You’re positioned as the expert on common landscape and lawn care problems in your geographical area. You take care of lawns and landscapes in your geographic region. So you gather the latest information about turf care and landscape maintenance and tailor it for your audience. You show, through words, video, and pictures, how you are knowledgeable about turf and landscape problems plaguing your area and that you’re the go-to person to fix homeowners and property managers’ problems.
  2. You’re seen as a problem solver. You add practical tips and suggestions that homeowners and property managers can use to keep their lawns and landscapes healthy and alive between visits. For example, July is National Irrigation Month. You could blog about smart irrigation practices such as watering the lawn in the early hours of the morning, the benefits of installing timers and sensors onto irrigation systems and how infrequent watering actually benefits turf rather than a light sprinkling every day.
  3. You help your SEO rankings. The more you update your website content, including your blog, the more your website stays current on Google and other search engines. Plus, you’re solidifying key terms with your brand, such as turf care, lawn care, and landscape maintenance.
  4. You build trust with your prospects and customers. If you regularly post new blogs on your website (even if it’s one or two times a month), you’re helping your prospects and clients start to trust you because they see you as knowledgeable and reliable.
  5. You’re able to connect with your local audience. As a small or medium-sized lawn and landscape company, you understand your clients’ lawn and landscape maintenance frustrations, questions, and problems. Continue to connect with your local audience by posting information that benefits them by saving them time, money and keeping their lawns and landscapes healthy and alive.

The above are the five main reasons why a ghostblogger can help you develop your lawn and landscape brand in your geographical region.

What about you? Have you hired a ghostblogger to take care of your blogs? What were your results?

P.S. – Don’t forget that July is National Irrigation Month. Now is a great time to start your lawn and landscape blog. If you’re ready to take the plunge into publishing your company’s blog, fill out my free consultation form or call me at 717-391-6719 (ET).


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