What’s Next for Your Lawn Care/Landscape Content Marketing?


In today’s world, it’s impossible to stay static. You constantly need to keep updating your website and content marketing efforts.

Do you know what’s next for your lawn care/landscape content marketing?

The nice thing about content marketing is that you have so many avenues to add new and exciting content to your website. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Add videos or podcasts
  • Produce E-books or E-Reports
  • Work with a ghostwriter to produce case studies and white papers
  • Produce webinars for clients or colleagues
  • Prepare talks to share your knowledge.

Get Personal

There’s also an element to blogging and content marketing that’s more personal … where you tell your story. Yet, you don’t want your blogging and other content marketing efforts to be navel-gazing. You want to be purposeful and careful when interspersing your story.

Why share anything personal on your website? To connect with your readers. For example, you share stories about your lawn care and landscape problems on your property and how you stay on top of these issues. People love authenticity—so be real!

Here are some blogging ideas where you can intersperse your personal narrative:

  1. How did you battle thatch, dry seasons, and weeds in your lawn?
  2. Obviously, you don’t want to share your street address, but since most of your clients live in your region, you can blog about your property’s issues—whether that’s in the woods, out in the open, or in a subdivision. What issues do you deal with keeping your lawn and landscapes looking beautiful and healthy without over-fertilizing, over-watering, or over-mowing? Use pictures of your lawn to bring the story together.
  3. Talk about your passion for lawn care and landscaping. Why do you love to spend your summers outside, keeping people’s properties looking beautiful? How did you start? How has your company evolved over the years?
  4. Talk about issues such as EPA regulations, HOAs, drought-tolerant landscaping. Empathize with your readers. For example, if you live in California, you see what the water restrictions are doing to the trees. Empathize with the gardener who’s heart-broken that she has to remove her prized trees from her property because they’re diseased from lack of water. Empathy connects you to your reader on a personal level. Since you love outdoor living, you can relate to how your readers feel toward their properties as well as their dreams for luxurious outdoor living. How do you feel when you sit in front of your fire pit with friends and family on a chilly Friday night? Or as you watch your kids having fun in your backyard swimming pool splashing with their friends?
  5. Discuss what you see as the future of lawn care and landscape maintenance. What trends do you see emerging? Will yards be smaller? Will there be a universal push to drought-tolerant landscaping? Will the perfect lawn be a thing of the past? You can easily observe your local trends. Discuss why you think a trend is a good thing or a bad thing. Discuss whether it’s a fading fad or something that will take permanent hold.

You can intersperse your personal story into your blogs and other content marketing, but do it sparingly. Your audience doesn’t want to read about you every week or even every month. But once a quarter, it doesn’t hurt to add a personal touch to your content marketing, not only through blogging, but through video, podcasts and other venues of Internet marketing.

How are you going to add other methods of content marketing to your lawn and landscape company’s website? Have you added your personal story to your content marketing?

Share your story with me at wendy@landscapewriter.com and I may use it for future blogs.

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