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It’s now the end of July. How did this month go for you?

According to my website stats, a lot of you read the Smart Irrigation Month blogs that I posted on my site.

Just because July is almost over doesn’t mean that you stop blogging about your irrigation system installation and maintenance services. Indeed, you need to continue promoting and educating your prospects and clients on smart water management tips. Tips should include how to take proper care of their properties that will save them time and money, as well as conserving water and other resources.

To help you brainstorm blog ideas, I thought that I’d share the top eight blog posts on my website:

  1. How Ghostblogging Benefits Your Lawn and Landscape Website
  2. Use Smart Irrigation Month to Draw More Eyeballs to Your Lawn and Landscape Website
  3. Running Out of Blog Ideas?
  4. Celebrate Your Irrigation Service in July and Throughout the Year
  5. Three Common Questions that Lawn Care and Landscape Companies Ask Me
  6. Revamp and Redesign
  7. What’s Holding You Back?
  8. How Important is Localized Marketing?

I’d really love to hear your feedback. If you want to comment or ask a question about any of the above blogs, please do so in the comments section below. Tell me why you did or didn’t like the post, how it helped you with your blogging efforts, and what topic you’d like me to post.

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Finally, thank you for taking the time to check out my website, and to my clients, thank you for trusting me with all your blogging and website content.



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