7 Big Mistakes to Avoid When Growing a Landscape Company

7 Big Mistakes to Avoid When Growing a Landscape Company

Guest post today provided by Lisa from Liberty Home Products

Starting a landscape company is no easy feat but unfortunately, companies whether big or small tend to err miserably at growing the business. Experience may be a great teacher but in business, experts recommend that you avoid the following mistakes rather than be the example;

  1. Failure to understand the project scope

It is unfortunate that sometimes a landscape business may fail to appreciate the needs and requirements for each project. This inevitably causes them to make assumptions which in turn compromise delivery. Poor project management means unexpected expenses and shoddy work which are a dangerous trend for any business. Whether you are running a random shed company or selling sun awnings, Phoenix experts agree that without clear understanding on specific project requirements you will most certainly miss the critical details that would lead to loss of the contract.


  1. Ignoring numbers

There is a clear difference between a business and a hobby. If you get into a landscaping business without paying attention to finances, hours spent and expenses incurred, there will be losses. The most common reason for landscape company failures is lack of knowledge of what it takes to financially operate the venture. Working out the costs is an important activity that can separate your business from other landscape companies.


  1. Going it alone

It is a big mistake to think you can single-handedly see projects through, as well as manage and market your business.  With this notion, it is likely you are spending more time working on the business and not in it. By delegating tasks to various departments, you will have more time to finish the job to each client’s specifications. Successful landscape company owners owe it to efficient systems that create sales, ensure productivity and maximize returns.


  1. Undervaluing employees

The easiest way to sabotage your business is treating your employees unfairly. They will develop a negative attitude which could result in loss of a lucrative deal. Make your employees feel valuable by introducing perks such as health insurance, education packages, and bonuses to make them loyal to your business. When your workers know that they will grow with your business, they will certainly make it their business to ensure it succeeds.


  1. Biting off more than you can chew

Especially when new, landscape companies often take on projects that are too big for them. Only after making commitments do they realize the error, which is almost impossible to recover from. Backing out would paint a negative image on an important client as would poor quality. Experts advise beginners to start where they can and take gradual steps to grow their business despite the appeal of big projects.


  1. Poor Branding

Landscape businesses are often judged by the state of their equipment, previous jobs, and professionalism. At the beginning, companies are usually on top of their game with neat employees and clearly labeled trucks, but this changes as time goes.  Nobody will hire a landscape company with filthy workers, crooked signs and a fleet in disrepair. You have to maintain excellence at every aspect of the business if you want to earn a good reputation and create positive brand awareness. Today, landscaping businesses must have a website to provide some insight to customers before they can cut a deal. It is through this interactive vibe that they see images of your work, read testimonials and draw a conclusion about your suitability.


  1. Keeping the wrong company

Landscape companies cannot work alone, often collaborating with rental companies, suppliers, and financial institutions to facilitate projects. Businesses often make the wrong choice of rental companies, which presents major problems. Before signing a contract with any rental equipment supplier, always make a point of ensuring that the company actually has the equipment it needs and that it conforms to all government requirements. The companies you decide to work with must be responsible, honest and knowledgeable enough to keep growing.

If you avoid these mistakes during the development of your business, it is highly likely that it will be successful. Potential and existing clients will have a feel of your professionalism and become proud brand ambassadors thanks to quality services. Making assumptions or failure to meet deadlines should never be a practice of your business if you are keen to witness its exponential growth. Following the rules and remaining true to standards are the only assured paths to success.

Lisa is part of the Content & Community team at LibertyHomeProducts.com and is in charge of engaging with their community and beyond. Trading for over 35 years Liberty Home Products specializing in quality, customized garden products.


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