Blog Tip #3: It’s Time to Educate Your Landscape Blog Readers

Blog Tip 3: It's Time to Educate Your Landscape Blog Readers

The National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) had a fascinating graphic on their website regarding the average homeowner’s knowledge about lawns.

Do you realize that this is a hotbed of ideas to catapult you, the lawn care owner/operator or landscape maintenance contractor, into the go-to company for lawn care and landscape knowledge?

You don’t have to get real technical about these tips either. Remember the saying, “Keep It Simple, Sam.” Okay, I know it’s not Sam, but Stupid. But I wasn’t allowed to say stupid growing up—so please bear with me.

Just give your audience the basic information they need–such as only take off 2 1/2 – 3″ when they mow in the spring. Or remind your followers that they should water their lawns in the early morning hours rather than at lunchtime or in the evening.

Simple tips can make you the local expert.

If you don’t have time to employ these ideas, call me, the Landscape Writer, at 717-381-6719, email me at or fill out my free consultation form to learn more.

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