Breaking into Garden Writing: How I Finally Reached My Dream of Breaking into Garden Writing

Breaking into Garden Writing

I’m finally reaching my dream of breaking into garden writing.

This year, 2021, has been fruitful in expanding my writing world. I’m launching a faith-based/gardening website called, Meeting God in the Garden, and I wrote an article on gardening called Dividing Hostas and Other Perennials. The digital magazine called Home, Garden, and Homestead published the article.

I’ve written gardening-type articles in my local papers, but it was not something that felt a part of me. Those previous articles were on gardening topics that piqued my interest and taught me new skills.

I could share what I already knew and make it part of the article, Dividing Hostas and Other Perennials.

What Is the Purpose of Gardening Articles?

Since there is a flux of new gardeners, thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, readers are looking for gardening articles that help them learn new tricks and tips.

I’m spoiled. My mother, grandmother, and mother-in-law taught me how to garden. I was helping my mom plant potatoes in her vast garden when I was in Kindergarten. I was weeding and picking strawberries by first grade.

My grandmother was an avid gardener until she was in her early 90’s. I learned how to create beauty within small spaces. My grandmother also taught me about houseplants too.

My mother-in-law created my first landscape. She filled the front slope of our first home, which was a duplex. My mother-in-law also added two planters to the side of our deck and created a beautiful space for our tiny backyard.

While I wasn’t grateful at the time, looking back, I appreciate the time and expertise that my mom-in-law gave me in that tiny outdoor space.

How Does This Benefit You, the Landscaper?

You probably know all of the information that I shared in Dividing Hostas and Other Perennials. However, your clientele may include new homeowners who want to get their hands dirty. Many millennials didn’t have the luxury of learning how to grow plants from their parents and grandparents.

These new homeowners don’t have the experience of creating a vegetable garden or a flowerbed. You can include articles, such as When to Divide Hostas and Other Perennials, and other titles in your newsletters and blogs. Your new homeowners will appreciate it.

Plus, consider adding garden plots to backyards as part of your landscaping services. Encourage homeowners of all ages to get their hands dirty and get back to the garden for their health and well-being.

My Encouragement to You

Keep on communicating to your customers, newsletter fans, and others, even during the cold winter months. Start getting your customers excited for spring by sharing gardening tips and garden designs through your blog and newsletter.

You can sign up for my newsletter here. Have questions about your landscape company’s blog or newsletter? Then, fill out my free consultation form to learn how I can help you with your content marketing needs.

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