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Making This Landscape Writer Better for You It’s past time to revamp and redesign the Landscape Writer’s website. And I’ve decided to outsource my web design needs to Red X web design (http://www.redxwebdesign.com) located in Manheim, Pa. They’re a web design company in my region, and they specialize in WordPress design which is the, Read More

Read These Marketing Ideas in Turf Magazine's Web Exclusive

April is National Lawn Care Month. How are you going to blog about it? Here’s an idea: Use National Lawn Care Month to tell your local audience about your lawn or landscape company’s products and services. How? Through your blog, of course! This is the time of year when you should utilize your blog, Read More

5 Benefits for Hiring a Ghostblogger for Your Business Are you afraid of ghosts? What about ghosts blogging for your lawn care or landscape business? As you probably guessed, ghostbloggers aren’t spirit-beings who write in their spare time about the green industry. Instead, they’re writers who write under their clients’ names. This is how, Read More

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