Why Your Commercial Lawn & Landscape Company Needs a Blog


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Over the past three years, I’ve spent a lot of time sharing my blog ideas with residential lawn and landscape companies. Now, I’m turning my attention to you in commercial lawn and landscaping.

Why do commercial landscape companies need a blog on their website?

To reach out to your sales prospects and current clients—explaining the services you provide, why they’re important and how your company can make their property look its best.

Here are some blog topics to get you started:

  1. How to Find the Right Commercial Landscaping Service for Your Business
  2. Why Your Commercial Space Needs TLC from a Landscape Pro
  3. How Our Landscaping Services Make You Look Good—and Help You Sell More
  4. Keep Your Clients and Other Visitors on the Right Path with Landscaping
  5. Keep Those Unsightly Boxes, Conduits & Cameras Out of Sight with Landscaping

Just like residential landscape contractors need to keep their clients’ problems top-of-mind when producing their website content, so should you, as a commercial landscape contractor, think about what problems you can solve for your clients.

Do you want help writing blogs and other content marketing for your commercial lawn and landscape website? Then call me, The Landscape Writer, at 717-381-6719, email me at wendy@landscapewriter.com or fill out my *free* online consultation form.


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