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Why February is the Best Time to Sign Up with Jobber Before the Busy Spring Season Starts

Hello Friends,

Did you sign up for a free trial at Jobber? Are you wondering what happens next? Then you want to read on to learn more.

As you know, I’m a Jobber affiliate; you can read my ​affiliate ​disclaimer on my website. I want to share some updated information you can use when signing up for a Jobber free trial that I just learned about.

When you sign up for a Jobber free trial, which is offered to anyone who signs up at ​Jobber​, Bryen, a Jobber Product Expert, will be getting in touch with you to learn more about your current processes and any challenges you’re facing so he can give you a personalized demo to be meet your business needs and goals.

Also, when you sign up for a Jobber subscription, you’ll get a coach to help you with your Jobber plan. There are many field service software options, but Jobber is the only one that provides coaching–no matter which subscription you sign up for.

The coaching will cover the following:

  • A kickoff call to devise a game plan for using Jobber
  • Jobber platform training, including migrating data from existing platforms, account set-up, and employee training.

If you’re tired of paper and pencil and spending countless hours dealing with invoices, spreadsheets, and other back office tasks, give Jobber a chance. ​Sign up​ for your free 2-week trial today!

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That’s a wrap for now. Please forward this e-blast to lawn care and landscaping business owners who could benefit from this information. I’m working on a new blog post, How Content Writing Benefits Your Landscaping Business. Stay tuned!

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