Do you need a copywriter who understands the lawn care, landscape, and outdoor living? Then you came to the right place. I’m the Landscape Writer. Are you ready to up your lawn care and landscape design/build company’s SEO (search engine optimization)? I’m a copywriter who specializes in the Green Industry (lawn, landscape, irrigation, and other, Read More

  It’s now the end of July. How did this month go for you? According to my website stats, a lot of you read the Smart Irrigation Month blogs that I posted on my site. Just because July is almost over doesn’t mean that you stop blogging about your irrigation system installation and maintenance, Read More

  I love working as a ghostblogger! I love helping lawn and landscape businesses improve their SEO, letting their local communities know about their green services and solving their clients’ problems. Like I’ve said before, marketing your website so that more people come to it, read your expertise and then, click onto your “Request, Read More

What Your Clients Need to Know about Smart Irrigation Month

  July is Smart Irrigation Month. You can use Smart Irrigation Month to draw more eyeballs to your lawn care and landscape company’s website. You do this by educating your prospects on how the importance of water conservation and how an irrigation system help them conserve water. To start, think about these two questions: What do, Read More

What Your Clients Need to Know about Smart Irrigation Month

Happy June! The kids are almost out of school and it seems that everyone in the lawn care/landscape industries are busy back at work making residential and commercial properties look beautiful this season. There are three common questions that I hear from lawn care and landscape prospects before they decide to commit to a, Read More

5 Benefits for Hiring a Ghostblogger for Your Business Are you afraid of ghosts? What about ghosts blogging for your lawn care or landscape business? As you probably guessed, ghostbloggers aren’t spirit-beings who write in their spare time about the green industry. Instead, they’re writers who write under their clients’ names. This is how, Read More

Yesterday, I read an interesting blog post called “The Purple Cow that’s Right Underneath Your Business’ Nose,” by Marcus Sheridan of the Sales Lion ( I appreciated Sheridan’s take on individual businesses standing out in the crowd by being transparent. So, I’m dedicating my next three blog posts to transparency by sharing the good, Read More

Happy New Year! This is my second attempt at being a transparent writer. Here are five FAQs that green businesses ask me about content writing: Question: How do I find a writer who understands my industry and my locale? Answer: I used to get this question a lot. It’s not easy finding a content, Read More

3 Ingredients to My Secret Sauce This is the final installment of the three part series where I make an attempt at being transparent. I actually wanted to have this blog written a few weeks ago, but I’ve been busy with client work. Yay! In this part, I’m going to talk about the three, Read More

How to Hire a Ghostblogger for Your Landscape & Lawn Care Company Site

Over past the past two years, I’ve written blogs on “How to Hire a Lawn Care or Landscape Company,” for many of my clients. Now, I’m writing a blog for you, the lawn care/landscape/outdoor living business owner, to help you hire a ghostblogger for your website. Here are 7 tips to help you when, Read More

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