In today’s world, it’s impossible to stay static. You constantly need to keep updating your website and content marketing efforts. Do you know what’s next for your lawn care/landscape content marketing? The nice thing about content marketing is that you have so many avenues to add new and exciting content to your website., Read More

  It’s now the end of July. How did this month go for you? According to my website stats, a lot of you read the Smart Irrigation Month blogs that I posted on my site. Just because July is almost over doesn’t mean that you stop blogging about your irrigation system installation and maintenance, Read More

What Your Clients Need to Know about Smart Irrigation Month

  How are you letting your prospects and clients know about your irrigation maintenance services? It’s July and the Irrigation Association has designated this month as Smart Irrigation Month. You should use this special time to educate your audience on the benefits of irrigation systems, using water-smart techniques and the importance of maintaining their, Read More

  I love working as a ghostblogger! I love helping lawn and landscape businesses improve their SEO, letting their local communities know about their green services and solving their clients’ problems. Like I’ve said before, marketing your website so that more people come to it, read your expertise and then, click onto your “Request, Read More

What Your Clients Need to Know about Smart Irrigation Month

  July is Smart Irrigation Month. You can use Smart Irrigation Month to draw more eyeballs to your lawn care and landscape company’s website. You do this by educating your prospects on how the importance of water conservation and how an irrigation system help them conserve water. To start, think about these two questions: What do, Read More

Read These Marketing Ideas in Turf Magazine's Web Exclusive

April is National Lawn Care Month. How are you going to blog about it? Here’s an idea: Use National Lawn Care Month to tell your local audience about your lawn or landscape company’s products and services. How? Through your blog, of course! This is the time of year when you should utilize your blog, Read More

How are your content marketing goals coming along? Now is a good time to take a mid-year inventory on them. If you started blogging on your lawn care/landscape/casual living website back in February, are you still putting up fresh content? If you’re not, don’t throw in the towel. Content marketing, like many other things,, Read More

5 Questions to Help You Get the Most Out of Your 2015 Marketing Plan It’s nearly the end of 2014. Can you believe it? Where did the year go? Things are probably winding down at your lawn care or landscape company’s office with finished projects and a sense of well-being from another successful growing, Read More

How to Get Inside Your Customers’ Heads to Meet Their Needs A few months ago, I met a marketing consultant who belongs to the same networking group that I do. He took a look at my tagline and essentially said—“The tagline should not be about you, but about your client. What you have here, Read More

Tips and Ideas to Get the Most Out of Your Marketing Dollars I know that it’s still late August or early September by the time you read this post. And there’s still three to four more months of 2014 left. Yet now is the perfect time to consider your 2015 Internet marketing plan for, Read More

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