Landscaping Content Expert: Crafting Client-Centered Solutions for Your Landscape Company

Do you want a landscaping content expert who knows about the green industry? Do you want a business blog writer who will craft client-centered web copy to boost your landscaping company?

Then, look no further than The Landscape Writer.

Boost Your Local Landscaping Business: Customized Web Content, Blogs, and Social Media Solutions

Do you want to boost your local landscaping business with web content, blogs, and social media?

Then, you want to hire a professional business blogger who has been in business for over 10 years. At The Landscape Writer, I write blogs and other content to help you get seen and noticed at the local level.

While you have many choices among business blog writers, don’t take the easy way out. Cheaper isn’t always better.

Instead, invest part of your marketing dollars in customized blogs and social media posts that will convince homeowners and property managers to hire you for their lawn and landscaping needs.

Solving Pain Points with Custom Content for Landscaping and Lawn Care

You’re busy creating beautiful landscapes, hardscapes, and healthy lawns. You don’t have time to write blog content with the necessary SEO to attract the right people to your website.

Let me do what I’m good at—crafting blogs, landing pages, web content, and using SEO that solves your pain points.

In 2023, I celebrated 10 years in business as The Landscape Writer. I have wonderful customers who find my content marketing and business blogging skills helpful for their green industry business.

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One of my customers said this about my business blogging,

“Wendy Komancheck, The Landscape Writer, became an asset to my marketing management consulting firm last year and has delivered with excellence since we started working together.

“I assign and work with her to develop SEO-optimized blogs for my landscaping industry clients. It’s been an absolute win all around bringing her on; the process is smooth and consistent, my clients are happier, the articles are getting a broader range of marketing use, the local Chamber of Commerce started posting our articles monthly in their magazine, and retention rates have improved on e-newsletters.

“She does a good job utilizing the provided keywords to collaborate with all other brand SEO and marketing efforts on my end. By bringing Wendy on, we gained a higher quality product, more range of use for that product, local recognition, and happier clients.”

I also have experience writing social media posts that use snippets of your blog content and rework them into bite-size posts to excite your readers and encourage them to click the link back to your blog.

Crafting Localized Business Blogs for Landscaping Success

What do you know about your customers? What are their daily lives like?

Learn more: Business Blog Writing Series Part 1: What Is a Website Copywriter?

You need to know who your customers are and produce content that speaks to them. For example, you may have a demographic of people in their 30s or 40s, two-career families with kids involved in sports and other activities.

Not only are these parents busy with their jobs, but they’re also busy running their kids to games, practices, tournaments, and other events that may take up an entire weekend.

This couple may or may not live in an HOA. But they want a healthy, green lawn and attractive landscape. How can your landscaping services help them?

You want to incorporate local SEO into your blogs, web pages, landing pages, and emails. How do people find your lawn and landscaping company? What local keywords do they stick in the search engine?

While you need to use a keyword finder, here are some popular keywords people use to find a local landscaper:

  • Best landscaping in York, PA
  • Hardscaping York PA
  • Landscaping near me
  • Landscape companies
  • Landscape design companies near me
  • Landscapers Dover PA
  • Leaf removal near me
  • Lawn care and landscaping
  • Nursery and landscaping near me
  • Patio and landscaping companies near me
  • Stone landscaping near me
  • Small job landscaping near me
  • Residential landscaping near me
  • Residential landscaping in York, PA

One of my customers shared about how local SEO helps her get found in her area,

“The Landscape Writer has helped our existing and new clients better understand the importance of caring for their landscaping on a regular basis. Her writing is professional and easy to understand. The Landscape Writer has helped our company expand into local service areas by using SEO town names.”

Empowering Landscaping Businesses with Targeted Digital Content

Solid business blogging and other content are no longer commodities for a business; they are necessary to stand out from competitors.

You need local SEO to get found by sales prospects. And you need a passion to help your clients with their lawn and landscaping issues.

Elevate Your Business with The Landscape Writer

Do you want more people to find you in 2024? Then, you need to improve your blogging and social media games. A blog with local SEO and content tailored to your customers’ needs can increase your website visits.

Get your free consultation with me, The Landscape Writer. You can also text me at 717-381-6719 or email me at

QuickBooks Review 2023: A Game-Changer for Landscaping Businesses

Hey there! If you’re in the landscaping or lawn care business, you’re probably swamped with tasks like customer management, invoicing, and record-keeping. Trust me, you need a reliable tool to streamline all these activities, and QuickBooks is that tool. Here’s why.

Disclaimers: I’m an affiliate of QuickBooks; read my affiliate disclaimer here. If you buy through my link, I may earn a commission. Check out QuickBooks here.

One other disclaimer: I usually write my blog posts from scratch. This blog post was written using AI to meet a QuickBooks challenge. What do you think?

Product Reviews

QuickBooks is not new to the scene; it’s been helping businesses for years. Here’s what some real users in the landscaping industry say:

  • Saves Time: “QuickBooks automated our invoicing, so we have more time for actual landscaping.”
  • Easy Record-Keeping: “It keeps all my expenses and invoices in one place. I can’t imagine going back to manual methods.”

Features for Landscapers

Easy Invoicing

Creating and sending invoices takes no time. Plus, you can include a “Pay Now” button to get your money faster.

Expense Tracking

Track all your costs in real time, from fuel to fertilizers, so you know where your money is going.

Revenue Management

See what you’re earning at a glance. QuickBooks sorts your revenue into different categories so you can focus on profitable services.

Employee Time Tracking

Your crew can clock in and out directly through the mobile app. This makes payroll a breeze.

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My Review

In short, QuickBooks offers everything a landscaping or lawn care company could need for financial management. It’s easy to use, makes invoicing a piece of cake, and offers killer features that save you both time and money.

So, are you ready to level up your landscaping business? Click here to get QuickBooks now.

That’s it, folks! Give QuickBooks a shot and watch your business soar.

Hire the Landscape Writer

If you want to streamline your blogging and social media posts, you need the Landscape Writer. Contact the Landscape Writer today at 717-381-6719 or sign up for a free consultation.

7 Tips to Get More Landscaping Customers

You want customers—that’s the purpose of a landscaping business. But how do you find those leads to grow your green industry company?

You start with the right tools and strategies to get new customers to find you. The following tips for getting more landscaping customers will kickstart how to get more sales prospects to call you.

7 Tips That Will Bring More Sales Prospects to Your Door

These tips will give you the best start to introducing the public to your landscaping business–whether you’re just starting out or have been in business for years.

Develop an SEO and content marketing strategy: This is the first order of business if you want to get more clients. Ensure that your website, blogs, landing pages, and videos have the keywords for people to find you, including local SEO. For example, “landscaping near me” is a good place to start.

    Put your green industry company on Google’s free business profile: Help your sales prospects find you when you list your business on Google’s business profile. When someone plugs in “Lawn care services near me” on Google, your name should be on the list with a map, directions, and a link to your website.

    Keep marketing during your off-season: Just because you’ve cleaned, maintained, and stored your mowers for the winter doesn’t mean you should stop marketing. You can use your blog and newsletters to keep you top of mind with your prospects and current clients. Some fall and winter blog ideas include:

    • Planning for your spring landscaping project
    • A list of the best snow blowers and other ideas for residential snow and ice removal
    • Birdwatching and feeding birds in your backyard
    • General industry blogs, such as “How a Professional Lawn Maintenance Service Helps Your Lawn Stay Healthy and Green All Summer Long”
    • If you have an off-season business pushing snow or putting up holiday décor, dedicate some blogs in October through January to these services
    • For newsletters: Share off-season photos, news from your office, and ideas for outdoor rooms and landscape design/build for the spring.

    Build relationships with your customers. Get to know your clients and their property pain points. While you may want to emphasize certain topics, ensure these are the same issues your landscaping clients deal with in their lawns, landscapes, and outdoor living spaces.

    Relationships take time—so view it as an investment. On a practical level, building relationships with your customers will save you money. According to ElmStreet Outbound Engine, upselling your business services is easier than gaining a new customer.

    The article says that selling to a new customer can reap up to 20% selling success, whereas selling to an existing customer succeeds up to 60%-70% of the time. For example, you can upsell your lawn and landscaping services to existing clients and see more sales.

    Keep your website up-to-date: When starting out, look for free website builders, such as Weebly, Wix, or Squarespace, to launch your web presence. Remember that your landscaping business will evolve, and you’ll eventually need to upgrade to paying someone to build and manage your website.

    Always have a CTA: Make it easy for your prospects to take the next step. A call to action (CTA) directs website visitors to take the next step to contact your lawn and landscape services. A phone number, a link taking the customers to a contact page, or an email address all help potential customers set up an appointment with you. In return, you can give something to them, such as a free estimate of their property.

     Read 5 reasons why your website pages and blogs need CTAs.

    Get those referrals: Finally, when someone thanks you for doing a good job, make sure that you ask permission to add that mini-testimonial to your website. Testimonials build trust and credibility with your landscaping business.

    Discover How the Landscape Writer Boosts Your Customer Base!

    When you hire The Landscape Writer, you can feel confident that you’re getting a business blogger content creator who will use SEO and best content practices to grow your landscaping company.

    Fill out my free consultation form or contact me to learn how my blogging services will boost your customer base.


    Gendusa, Joy, “5 Marketing Practices Most Landscape Contractors Get Wrong.”

    Joy also wrote a blog on the Landscape Writer called “3 Proven Strategies for Generating More Landscaping Customers This Spring.”, “Customer Retention Marketing vs. Customer Acquisition Marketing.”, “3 Ways to Find New Clients.”

    Get Ahead in Green: The Benefits of Hiring a Business Blog Content Creator

    Don’t underestimate the power of good content writing if you’re running a lawn care and landscaping business. It’s not just about filling up your web pages; it’s a strategic tool to boost your business when you hire a business blog content creator.

    Well-written content improves your site’s SEO, making you more visible on search engines and more accessible for potential customers to find you.

    And if you add internal links to other blog posts similar to the topic you’re writing about, your audience will stay on your website longer. You also build credibility and expertise when readers click on those links.

    The trust you build through your content turns visitors into buyers.

    For the past 10 years, I have provided affordable business blogging services to many businesses, mostly lawn care and landscaping companies. But I have also written blogs, landing pages, and website content for digital marketing companies on adaptive kitchens, agritourism, bathroom installation, golf, and RV roof repair.

    SEO and targeted keywords, including local SEO, have been essential to my writing process at The Landscape Writer.

    The Impact of Content Writing on Lawn and Landscaping Businesses

    If you’re a landscaping company serving your local area, you need content that builds your brand’s voice. Content isn’t limited to blogs, either. Indeed, videos, social media, and the content on your web pages help to define your company’s unique voice—your brand.

    Read more: How’s Your Green Industry Website’s Know, Like & Trust?

    Also, you want a business blog content creator who understands SEO, including local SEO, that helps you get on Google’s map. Keywords, including regional cities you serve, draw the right people to your contact page.

    For example, one of my customers, Melanie from Jamison Lawn Care, says,

    “The Landscape Writer has helped our existing and new clients better understand the importance of caring for their landscaping on a regular basis. Her writing is professional and easy to understand. The Landscape Writer has helped our company expand into local service areas by using SEO town names.”

    Professional content writing keeps your clients returning to your blogs, especially when internal links are created to guide them to other related content. Plus, you can add links to blogs in your newsletters and different ways you digitally communicate with your customer base.

    When you keep your customers connected, they’ll be up-to-date with your latest lawn care and landscaping services.

    For example, it’s fall right now. So you can focus on the fall lawn care and landscaping services you provide, including winter fertilizing, fall clean-ups, cleaning out flower beds, and closing down water sprinkler systems.

    Content Writing Strategies for Lawn Care and Landscaping Companies

    You still need to be online if you have a small to mid-size lawn care and landscaping business.

    You may not be able to afford a digital marketing company immediately. Still, you can hire a business blogger to help you with blogs, SEO, social media, and other online marketing tasks.

    Here are four main areas where a business blog content creator can help you:

    1. Targeting the right audience

    You must target the right audience to encourage readers to visit your blog. Who are the people contacting you for your services? Are they senior adults? Young married couples, two career families?

    Next, you need to know their demographics. Are they DIY’ers? Are they so busy with work and family that they don’t have time to care for their properties? Do they live in HOAs or own large properties far from a city?

    What are their property pain points? Is it weed control, lawn diseases, drought, or maintaining a wooded property?

    Think about who your typical customer is and pinpoint where their needs are when it comes to their lawns and landscapes.

    2. Crafting compelling narratives

    Next, you need blog content that interests readers and connects them to you. Address their concerns with empathy. A woman may be frustrated that she doesn’t have time to mulch her flowerbeds or figure out why her turfgrass isn’t growing.

      Many folks with cool season grasses continue to mow their lawns when there is no rain in the forecast, and their turfgrass has gone dormant. A July blog may focus on why your readers can give their mowers a rest when their lawns go dormant.

      If you don’t have time or the idea of writing emotionally gives you the willies, you need to hire a business blogger who can present facts with gentleness and hope.

      3. Posting social media and blog content

      Many lawn and landscaping companies post content to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and X (formerly Twitter) to attract more leads to their website.

      Reach a wider audience in your service area through social media by putting up posts and threads inviting readers to click on your blog’s link.

      Your blog and social media establish you as a local expert. You build trust and attract more clients by sharing tips, project highlights (with before and after photos), and customer testimonials.

      4. Measuring success with metrics

      You can get detailed with how well your content marketing is doing through Google Analytics. You can also check your stats if you have a WordPress blog.

      Google Analytics will show you the number of people who visited your website, how long they stayed on your site (the bounce rate), and what content they viewed (blogs, web pages, or filling out a landing page).

      Learn more: 5 Tips for Finding the Perfect Name for Your Landscaping Company

      According to a HubSpot article, these are the most critical metrics for measuring your content marketing’s ROI:

      • What’s driving the traffic to your website? How are people finding you?
      • What’s your website’s click-through rate? Are your readers turning into customers?
      • How good is your content? Are people reading it and sharing it with others?
      • Are folks signing up for your email communications or a landing page? Are people confident in sharing their contact information with you?
      • What’s your bounce rate? How long do people stay on your website? If your bounce rate is high, find out what’s causing it, such as your website is slow to load.

      Client Feedback on The Landscape Writer

      When hiring a business blog content creator, you want to be sure that person will deliver what they promised. You also want to see results in lower bounce rates, new audience members, and readers taking the next step and filling out your contact form.

      I contacted three clients to hear how my B2B blog writing services benefitted their green industry companies. I mentioned Melanie from Jamison Lawn Care above. Here are two more clients sharing their comments:

      Emily from K-Rain says,

      “Your blog writing has enabled K-Rain to reach new customers that we had not reached before. K-Rain is a growing brand with little brand recognition. We have expanded into more homeowner stores, like Home Depot and Lowe’s, and it’s imperative we increase our brand recognition to move the product off the shelves.

      “The blog content has attracted almost 90K new users in the last year. They engage in the content for almost a minute and have a low bounce rate. Increasing the new visitor audience is important and aids us in our remarketing efforts.”

      One of my clients wished to remain anonymous but shared this testimonial with me,

      “Wendy Komancheck, The Landscape Writer, became an asset to my marketing management consulting firm last year and has delivered with excellence since we started working together.

      “I assign and work with her to develop SEO-optimized blogs for my landscaping industry clients. It’s been an absolute win all around bringing her on; the process is smooth and consistent, my clients are happier, the articles are getting a broader range of marketing use, the local Chamber of Commerce started posting our articles monthly in their magazine, and retention rates have improved on e-newsletters.

      “She does a good job utilizing the provided keywords to collaborate with all other brand SEO and marketing efforts on my end. By bringing Wendy on, we gained a higher quality product, more range of use for that product, local recognition, and happier clients.”

      ~A Marketing Management Consultant

      Hire a Business Blog Content Creator for All of Your Digital Content Marketing Needs

      Don’t overlook the impact of professional content writing for your lawn and landscaping business. It’s more than just words on a page; it’s a game changer.

      The bottom line? Effective content builds trust and converts visitors into buyers. Trust the process and see the results for yourself.

      If you want to boost your visibility on search engines and keep visitors engaged on your site, get your free consultation today.

      Source:, 7 Content Marketing Metrics to Consider for Continued Success.

      Step Up Your Business: Try Jobber for Free 🌟

      Hello Friends,

      Did you sign up for a free trial at Jobber? Are you wondering what happens next? Then you want to read on to learn more.

      As you know, I’m a Jobber affiliate; you can read my ​affiliate ​disclaimer on my website. I want to share some updated information you can use when signing up for a Jobber free trial that I just learned about.

      When you sign up for a Jobber free trial, which is offered to anyone who signs up at ​Jobber​, Bryen, a Jobber Product Expert, will be getting in touch with you to learn more about your current processes and any challenges you’re facing so he can give you a personalized demo to be meet your business needs and goals.

      Also, when you sign up for a Jobber subscription, you’ll get a coach to help you with your Jobber plan. There are many field service software options, but Jobber is the only one that provides coaching–no matter which subscription you sign up for.

      The coaching will cover the following:

      • A kickoff call to devise a game plan for using Jobber
      • Jobber platform training, including migrating data from existing platforms, account set-up, and employee training.

      If you’re tired of paper and pencil and spending countless hours dealing with invoices, spreadsheets, and other back office tasks, give Jobber a chance. ​Sign up​ for your free 2-week trial today!

      Not sure if Jobber is for you? Then, read these two blogs to learn more:

      That’s a wrap for now. Please forward this e-blast to lawn care and landscaping business owners who could benefit from this information. I’m working on a new blog post, How Content Writing Benefits Your Landscaping Business. Stay tuned!

      Ready to grow your landscaping or lawn care business? Wendy Komancheck, the Landscape Writer, crafts customized content that boosts your local SEO. Get the right words to attract more customers. Contact Wendy today for a free consultation!

      The Financial Benefits of Automation Your Business with Jobber and QuickBooks

      There are QuickBooks and Jobber affiliate links in this blog post where I may earn a small commission. You reap the savings with zero obligations to The Landscape Writer. Read more about the affiliate disclaimer on my website.

      Do you want to spend countless hours managing your business finances? Running a business can be challenging, but managing finances manually can make it even harder.

      Fortunately, automation makes a significant difference in the success of your business. Leveraging tools such as Jobber and QuickBooks can streamline your financial management processes, reduce manual labor, and boost your bottom line.

      In this blog post, we’ll explore the financial benefits of automating your business with QuickBooks Online integration with Jobber and how it can lead to increased efficiency, improved cash flow, better cost management, and compliance.

      So, let’s dive in and see how Jobber and QuickBooks integration takes your business to the next level!

      Landscaping Business Automation Gives You More Free Time

      If you’re tired of doing bookkeeping tasks every Saturday or Sunday, it’s time to automate your landscaping business.

      Your lawn care or landscaping business is growing to the point where you’ve hired crew members. Now, you need to do payroll in addition to chasing down invoices.

      Investing in lawn care business software, such as Jobber and QuickBooks, takes the stress off yourself or your partner, who may be helping with bookkeeping tasks.


      You’ll find that these simple software tools help you scale your company while getting paid and paying your employees. Your tax accountant will be happy, too, because QuickBooks provides detailed reporting of your payments and expenditures.

      Learn more: Jobber Saves You Time and Money

      How Automation Reduces Manual Labor and Saves Time

      When you automate your landscaping business, you’ll find that the manual tasks of invoicing and payroll are streamlined. states that automation saves you time by performing those tasks faster than a human can, and automation software doesn’t need breaks so it can work longer and more consistently.

      PartnerStack also says that automating your back office procedures decreases errors because they’re designed to work within specific parameters without deviating from the program.

      How QuickBooks and Jobber Automation Eases the Stress of Running a Seasonal Business

      Callum Pollock, Partner Advisor at Jobber, says, “Synchronizing Jobber with QuickBooks Online is a seamless integration since there’s no double entry.”

      “With the simple press of a button, Jobber will sync new clients, products, and services, as well as invoices over to QuickBooks Online, so you do not need to enter each item,” Pollock states.

      According to QuickBooks, you can save over 51 hours per month on average by using their software, and 90% of customers save time by connecting a bank or credit card to the software.

      Specifically, QuickBooks Online provides one place to get real-time insights into how your business is doing. Use QuickBooks to track money, send invoices, manage bills, run reports, and more.

      Read more: Best Apps for Lawn Care and Landscaping Business Owners

      Improved Cash Flow Keeps Everyone Paid and Happy says that accounts payable (AP) are a significant cash flow component because you need to pay your vendors and subcontractors. But you also need robust accounts receivable to have that cash flow available.

      When you automate your cash flow, you can do the following, according to

      • Improve invoice management
      • Employ fewer manual processes so payment is faster
      • Process payments on time
      • Pay employees on a regular schedule.

      How Landscaping Business Automation Improves Cash Flow Management

      Automation improves your company’s cash flow by using software to complete bookkeeping tasks. Invoices and payment reminders are sent to ensure you get paid on time.

      Customers can upload their credit card details or use direct deposit to pay their invoices. You get paid faster with more cash to pay your vendors and employees on time.

      The Benefits of QuickBooks Online Invoicing and Payment Processing Features

      QuickBooks helps you manage money for your small or medium-sized businesses, providing one place to get real-time insights on how your business is doing. Use QuickBooks to track money, send invoices, manage bills, run reports, and more.

      How Jobber Automates the Process of Following Up on Unpaid Invoices

      Jobber says the software sends automatic reminders to customers, asking them to pay the outstanding balance. This is done through text messages or email. For example, you can set up Jobber to send two follow-up messages after sending the original invoice.

      Better Cost Management for Your Landscaping Business

      When you invest in Jobber and QuickBooks Online, Jobber syncs with QuickBooks, which allows you to access track time and invoice your customers on the go. Here are some other ways that QuickBooks Online and Jobber work for you:

      Jobber and QuickBooks Help Businesses Manage Costs

      Gone are the days of double entry. Jobber and QuickBooks Online update your data so there are no double entries or payments.

      Jobber and Quickbooks Keeps Companies’ Data Synchronized

      When Jobber and Quickbooks sync, you’ll find that your data is accurate and up-to-date.

      Callum from Jobber says, “Accountants love when their Jobber clients utilize QuickBooks Online sync [because] they don’t need to worry about the accuracy of the data being collected; it’s directly from Jobber!”

      Automation with Jobber and QuickBooks integration brings significant financial benefits. Streamlining processes improves cash flow, cost management, and accuracy. Seamless data synchronization reduces errors and eliminates manual entry.

      Embrace automation to save time, resources and position your business for success. Use Jobber and QuickBooks’ discounts when you click on their affiliate links. You can read my affiliate disclaimer here.

      Sources:, How Can Automation Improve Business Cash Flow?, Easy Service Scheduling Software Built for the Field., Invoice Follow-Ups., Here’s How Automation Saves You Time and Money.

      5 Tips for Finding the Perfect Name for Your Landscaping Company

      Please note: This blog is for content marketing agencies that serve lawn care, landscaping, and garden businesses and landscape, lawn care, and garden design companies. Right now, I’m not taking any guest posts. Only serious inquiries about my content marketing services will be considered.

      Choosing the perfect name is a crucial first step when branding your landscaping company. A unique business name that is memorable and relevant to the green industry helps your company stand out in a crowded market and makes a lasting impression on potential clients.

      However, coming up with the perfect name can be a challenge. This blog will explore five tips to help you find the best name for your landscaping company.

      In this blog post, we cover the following five tips for finding the perfect name for your landscaping company:

      • Consider your niche
      • Use descriptive words
      • Keep it simple and memorable
      • Understand the legal considerations of choosing a business name
      • Get feedback from others.

      Tip 1: Consider Your Landscaping Company’s Niche

      A niche is a specialty that gives you an edge in the marketplace and allows you to provide deep expertise in green industry service.

      Why is your niche important?

      What do you specialize in as a landscaper? Landscape companies develop niches to stand out among the crowd and to upsell their products. As The Landscape Writer, I stand out from my competitors because I specialize in writing for landscaping, lawn care, and garden design companies.

      READ MORE: 7 Big Mistakes to Avoid When Growing a Landscaping Company

      Granted, don’t just pick the first landscaping specialty that comes to mind, but pick one you want to know about and are interested in. You’ll then be motivated to learn about a new landscaping service and inform your customers of the benefits of this new service.

      According to a guest post on, landscaping specialists make money based on their expertise in specific skills, such as irrigation installation and maintenance.

      And the article also mentions that specializing in niches, such as lawn care, means you can meet customers’ needs in your local area.

      Landscaping industry niches

      There are many landscaping industry niches to choose from; see this list:

      • Lawn care that includes dethatching, fertilization, aeration, and overseeding
      • Organic lawn care that includes the above but uses organic methods, such as Integrated Pest Management and compost
      • Lawn sprinkler systems installation and maintenance
      • Arborist services such as tree pruning, shaping, fertilizing, and plant health care
      • Commercial lawn maintenance, where you provide mowing and other maintenance services to property managers and landlords.

      LEARN MORE: Tips for Choosing the Best Professional Landscaping Equipment

      How to incorporate your niche into your business name

      Now comes the fun part. How will you include your niche in your landscaping company’s name?

      Here are some examples that I got when I plugged in the terms “Sample landscaping business names with lawn care OR organic lawn care, commercial landscaping, in-ground sprinkler system installation, and maintenance” in ChatGPT:

      • Green Roots Lawn Care
      • Eco-Friendly Landscaping Co.
      • Elite Turf Lawn Services
      • Earth-Friendly Landscapes Inc.
      • Pro Turf Organic Lawn Care
      • Commercial Landscape Solutions
      • Irrigation Innovations
      • Natural Way Lawn & Landscape
      • Sprinkler Systems Plus
      • Clean Cut Landscaping Co.

      As you can see, I used ChatGPT to help me develop landscaping business names. While you can use any of the above names for your landscaping company, you still need to do your homework to ensure the name isn’t already taken. says you can check to see if your business name is original by verifying the name at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

      Tip 2: Using Descriptive Works for Finding the Perfect Name for Your Landscaping Company

      As you can see from my example above, you’ll see descriptive words used in the name that tell your potential clients what you do. Descriptive words also help you brainstorm your brand.

      Why using descriptive words is essential for a landscaping business

      Descriptive words tell the world what your brand is and the type of services you provide. For example, the business name “Green Roots Lawn Care” shows that you provide lawn care services, such as core aeration, dethatching, overseeding, and fertilization.

      Another example, “Clean Cut Landscaping,” could mean that you provide a full-service lawn and landscaping company. Not only do you put in outdoor kitchens and design landscapes, but you also offer mowing and other lawn services.

      Hey Readers: I want to learn more about you. Please fill out this quick, 1-minute survey so I can write better content for you.

      Incorporating descriptive words in your business name

      As you saw in my examples above, the descriptive words go right into the company’s name, such as “Eco-Friendly Landscaping Co.” and “Irrigation Innovations.” Remember, your business name must include your brand, so be creative—but simple.

      Tip 3: Keeping Your Landscaping Business Name Simple

      Remember to come up with 5-10 business names for your landscaping company. Use your descriptors to highlight your brand.

      From there, you can sketch ideas for your logo, tagline, and USP (your unique selling proposition) and start a website. Use your landscaping business as your website name as well.

      But keep your landscaping business name simple. You want it easy for your future customers to remember. Coca-Cola is an excellent example of its branding of Coke. When someone wants a Coke, we know they want the soda from the red bottle or can.

      You want that same simple association with your landscaping business name and brand. Making it simple ensures that your customer base and your vendors will remember your company’s name.

      There are also legal considerations to think about when you choose your landscaping company’s name. has a great article about choosing a business name.

      When it comes to avoiding trouble with the law or another landscaping company, you much consider the following (I’m not a lawyer; if you have further questions, contact a lawyer to help you with naming your business):

      • What does your state require when naming your landscaping business?
      • Don’t copy any parts of your competitor’s business name because you don’t want to confuse potential customers and be accused of trademark infringement.
      • LegalZoom has additional resources on its website concerning trademarks and company names.

      Tip 5: Get Feedback from Other People

      If you’re self-conscious about your ideas for a landscaping business name, share them with people you can trust. Test it out with family and friends.

      If you already have customers, ask their opinions. Go to LinkedIn and your business’s Facebook page to share the names to get your peeps’ feedback. also suggests that you think about what you want your business name for doing and then ask others if they think your name accomplishes that task.

      Ask folks to comment on how strong they think the business name looks in writing and how it sounds when said out loud.

      While not everyone’s feedback may be helpful, choose the comments that provide you with constructive ideas and consider making any changes that make sense for your green industry company.

      Conclusion: Tips for Choosing the Perfect Name for Your Landscaping Company

      Choosing the perfect name for your landscaping company is vital to building a successful brand identity. By considering your niche, using descriptive words, keeping it simple, following trademark laws, and seeking feedback from others, you can find the perfect name for your business.

      Brainstorming and using tools such as ChatGPT can also help you generate unique and memorable names. Remember to research the name’s availability and check if it’s original before finalizing it.

      Your landscaping company’s name is the foundation of your brand. A great name can make a lasting impression on your potential customers and set you apart from competitors in the crowded landscaping industry.

      Right now, I’m taking blogging, website content, and landing page customers who have a knowledgeable marketing person on staff. If you don’t have a marketing specialist on staff, please get in touch with me about my content marketing consulting services, fill out the free consultation form, or email me at

      The Weekly Dispatch

      Welcome to another week of The Landscape Writer! And Happy Spring. It’s March 20th, 2023–how are things growing in your region?

      Top posts from last week at The Landscape Writer:

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       Website Content Services 

       Running Out of Blog Ideas?

       Landscape Writer: Providing Content Writing Services for Lawn Care, Landscaping, and Outdoor Living Companies 

      Do you feel you never have enough time to read and watch other industry leaders share their hard-earned wisdom? I know I struggle to absorb everything that’s out there.

      I read through these lawn care and landscaping articles to save you time. I think they’ll help to grow your business

      Recent articles

      It’s The Earliest Spring In 40 Years In Some U.S. Regions 

      Turf Magazine’s latest issue has this interesting article. Are trees starting to flower in your neck of the woods?

      If so, then this article will help you get started on pest control and other early spring jobs.

      How to Recruit and Retain Employees Like a Boss 

      This article is from Green Industry Pros. Jay Worth, a friend of mine, wrote the piece and he gives you five ideas for retaining Gen Z and Millennial laborers.

      Pavers and edgers: Exploring options and techniques 

      Another article from Green Industry Pros discusses different pavers and edges for hardscapes. Get fresh ideas of using edgers and pavers to create the dream landscape design for your customers.

      Hopefully, these three industry articles help you with retaining your laborers, give you insight into 2023’s early spring, and get your creative juices going with paver and edger ideas.

      I’m currently looking for one-off projects from digital marketing agencies or web designers. If you need web page content for your landscaping or lawn care customers, email me at  or fill out my free consultation form.

      Don’t forget about Jobber’s Green Campaign that ends on May 14, 2023. Learn more by clicking this Jobber link. Read my disclaimer here .

      The Landscape Writer's Holiday Hours & 2 Jobber Specials

      Hello Readers:

      Happy Holidays! It’s the busiest time of the year, and I want to let you know about my holiday hours and two specials that Jobber is running over the holidays.

      The Landscape Writer’s Holiday Hours

      I’ll be out of my office from now, Thursday, December 22, 2022, til Tuesday, January 3, 2023. I’ll still be checking emails, but I’m not onboarding new clients or conducting phone meetings.

      If you’re considering redoing your landscaping or lawn care website for 2023, please note that I’ll be taking limited appointments for website copy. Please email me about your web copy project at, and I’ll be in touch in the New Year about onboarding you as a client.

      BTW: This photo of a flowering spirea with a bumblebee may look out-of-season since we’re talking about the winter holidays. But hey, I miss summertime. Here’s looking to a prosperous 2023 for your lawn care, landscaping, or garden design company.

      caption for image

      Jobber’s Holiday Promotions

      I’m a Jobber affiliate, which means I get a small commission with every Jobber sign-up. I believe that Jobber is a great company since their software helps growing green industry companies with scheduling, invoicing, bookkeeping, and dispatching.

      You can read about my affiliate disclaimer on my website.

       Read more: Jobber Saves You Time and Money 

      Jobber Special 1

      For a limited time, today until 11:59 p.m. EST, you can sign up for any Jobber annual plan and receive 25% off your first year of subscription; those who choose a monthly plan will receive 40% off your first 3 months!

      This special is now over.

      Jobber Special 2

      The second special begins Monday, December 26, 2022, through Friday, December 30, 2022, until 11:59 p.m. EST. It’s a great special before the New Year begins! Invest in your lawn care or landscaping company today!

      Here’s the breakdown:

      Monthly Plans: 40% OFF for the first 3 months.

      Annual Plans: 25% OFF (up to $1,947 in savings).

      This special is now over.

      If you want a deal on software that saves you time and money, you need Jobber in 2023–especially if your green industry company is growing!

       Read more: Happy Holidays from The Landscape Writer 

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      That’s a Wrap

      Thank you for reading this quick news bulletin. Wishing you and your family the happiest holidays and a prosperous New Year!

      Kind regards,

      Wendy, The Landscape Writer

      Happy Holidays from The Landscape Writer

      In October, Garden Communicators International held its annual conference, and it was like drinking from a firehose! So much great content.

      Did you go to Equip Expo if you’re a lawn care owner/operator or a landscaper? Did you come away feeling motivated about growing your business?

      News from the Home Office–How NOT to Network

      I have a knack for embarrassing myself. It’s more like Murphy’s Lawn, whoops, I mean Murphy’s Law–if something can go wrong, it will. While I don’t usually share such personal information with the public, my networking story needs background for what I will share next.

      As you know, networking is vital for any business. I remember the early days of The Landscape Writer and meeting different marketing people at Panera Bread.

      One time, an owner of a marketing boutique wanted to meet me at a Panera Bread in Lancaster so she could be seen (not with me, but hunting for potential customers).

      Learn more: 4 Things to Know About a CTA (Call to Action)

      I’m a high-level introvert–hence I’m a writer. So being seen, especially at the “early” hour of 7 a.m. at a Panera Bread nearly an hour away, doesn’t do me much good. I decided to pass.

      Anyway, back to embarrassing myself. I was at my hair salon a few months ago, getting my face done–explaining the service in general terms here; you don’t need to know the dirty details–and in walked someone well-known (I think) in the landscape marketing world.

      I wrote some content for him years ago. While he lives near me, we never met face-to-face–only on LinkedIn.

      Of course, I never met a “stranger,”… and I didn’t want to be seen in my cleaning clothes, sopping wet hair, and freshly waxed face. But I felt compelled to say hello and introduce myself, which I did.

      The woman who does my hair is a friend, and she was wondering why I said anything at all. I don’t know … but I got very nervous (well, wouldn’t you?). And this kind gentleman was asking me where I lived (I couldn’t remember) and other friendly general questions.

      Read more: Jobber Saves You Time and Money

      I know I brought all this attention to myself, and most normal people would’ve stayed silent. But who made the better impression?

      The lady who wants to meet at Panera Bread so she can be seen at the ungodly hour of 7 a.m., or the goofy content writer who’s in all her middle-age glory while meeting a LinkedIn connection?

      I’m not recommending using your local hair salon as a meet-up place, but this story was too juicy not to share!

      The Landscape Writer is almost 10 years old. The tenth year in business happens in January 2023. And The Landscape Writer blog has brought many people to partner with my content writing services. Here are the top three blog posts of December 2022:

      Happy Holidays from The Landscape Writer

      That’s a Wrap for 2022

      Wishing you and yours Happy Holidays and a Prosperous New Year. One of my New Year’s resolutions will be to batch more content during my slow times so you get regular content.

      What’s your New Year’s resolution? How about increasing your networking activities since word of mouth is the best advertiser? Just don’t do it by the hair salon’s sink.

      If you need a content writer for your lawn care, landscaping, garden design, or agritourist business, contact me today at

      Happy Holidays from The Landscape Writer

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